Tempus Pro Defbrillator Recording Paper - 110mm Grid


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Tempus Pro Printer Paper with 110mm Grid, Box of 10.

SKU #: 04-571361
110mm, Box of 10
By: Philips  |  MPN: 01-2187


Tempus Pro Printer Paper with 110mm Grid, Box of 10.

Product Details

Ensure you have all the equipment necessary to perform tasks, both routine and emergency. Ensure that your team has recording paper on hand at all times with defibrillator recording paper for the Philips Tempus Pro. The recording paper comes with 110mm grid printed on for charting. Units sold in a box of 10.

Tempus Pro Defibrillator Recording Paper Features:

• Works With The Tempus Pro Defbrillator/Monitor

• Comes In Proper Grid Size For Routine & Emergency Work

• Box Of 10 Allows You To Have Ample Paper For Work

Works With The Tempus Pro Defibrillator/Monitor

The Tempus Pro is Philips best-in-class ECG monitor/defibrillator. The system revolutionizes the way EMS monitors one or more patients. With the Philips Tempus Pro, monitor blood pressure, arrhythmia and more.

What makes the Tempus Pro monitor so unique is its modularity. The unit is capable of being upgraded when you need it. Features such as video laryngoscopy, defibrillation, telemedicine and more are available to further enhance the functionality of your device. The Tempus Pro includes several features such as:
• Up to 14 hours of Battery Life
• Daylight Readable Touch Display
• 3, 5, 12-Lead ECG

Ensure that your Tempus Pro ECG is kept ready to perform with Tempus Pro defibrillator recording paper.

Comes In Proper Grid Size For Routine & Emergency Work

The Tempus Pro recording paper comes in the proper 110mm grid size to allow for first responders and clinicians to properly work and provide accurate information and data when conducting defibrillation.

Box of 10 Allows Ample Paper For Work

Coming in a box of 10 rolls of recording paper, the Tempus Pro recording paper is perfect for facilities and crew. The box of 10 rolls of recording paper allows them the ability to have ample paper for use, whether in a facility or out in the field.

Order Tempus Pro Recording Paper today through Penn Care. Penn Care is the nation's leading supplier of emergency medical supplies, equipment, vehicles and more.

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