Deluxe Disaster Kit - 13 Position Rapid Response Kit


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To help ensure that your next MCI runs as efficiently as possible, our 13 position Rapid Response Kit now includes all of the vital components of our exclusive EMT3™ Go-Kit.

SKU #: 05-07862

13 Position

By: Disaster Management Systems  |  MPN: DMS-05002RD


For Larger MCIs
Upgraded with our Rolling Duffel which is designed for effortless and safe movement by a single resource. This all-inclusive tool is built to triage, treat and make ready for transport any number of patients allowing departments to accommodate larger MCIs.

Key Features:
► Self-Contained, Rolling Rapid Response Kit
► All EMT3® Position Worksheets Included
► Incident Command Worksheets for Quick Scene Set-Up

Kit Contents:
• EMT3® Forms & Clipboards for Each Position
• (4) 15′ x 20′ Treatment Area Tarps (DMS-05004)
• Pad of 25 MCI Command Worksheets (DMS-05562)
• 13 Key ICS Position Vests
• 50 All Risk® Triage Tags (DMS-05420)
• Rolling Duffel (DMS-06082)
• Pencils & Pens

Vest Positions Included:
• Incident Commander 
• Triage Unit Leader
• Treatment Unit Leader
• Minor Treatment Manager
• Delayed Treatment Manager
• Immediate Treatment Manager
• Morgue Manager
• Medical Communications Coordinator
• Ground Ambulance Coordinator
• Helispot Manager
• Medical Group Supervisor
• Patient Transportation Unit Leader
• Patient Loading Coordinator

Fully Loaded Bag Dimensions: 30″ x 18″ x 15″

Product Details

Be prepared for when disaster strikes with this deluxe disaster kit from Disaster Management Systems. The kit is built to handle larger MCIs with unique rolling duffel bag. Ensure proper treatment of victims with this rapid response disaster kit.

13 Position Rapid Response Kit Product Features:

• Treat, Triage and Prepare for Transportation Several Patients

• 13 Key Positions for Larger MCIs Where Organization and Order are Critical

• Rolling Duffel Bag Included to Allow Easy Transport of Disaster Kit from Single Resource

Easy Transport with Included Bag

The deluxe disaster kit for rapid response comes with an exclusive rolling duffle bag that can hold all the contents of the 92lb kit from a single resource. Ensure that you can safely and quickly transport your 13 position kit without worry.

13 Positions for Effective Control Over Larger MCIs

Ensure that when a natural disaster or mass casualty incident occurs you're able to control the situation. This deluxe disaster kit comes with 13 vests that designate positions critical in these situations:

• Incident Commander
• Triage Unit Leader*
• Treatment Unit Leader*
• Minor Treatment Manager*
• Delayed Treatment Manager*
• Immediate Treatment Manager*
• Morgue Manager
• Medical Communications Coordinator*
• Ground Ambulance Coordinator*
• Helispot Manager
• Medical Group Supervisor
• Patient Transportation Unit Leader*
• Patient Loading Coordinator

The vests are designed to be ready-to-go and quickly put on. They are designed to be utililized for rapid response.

Triage, Treat and Prepare Several Victims for Transport

This deluxe disaster kit is made as a completely self-contained unit, meaning that it can be seamlessly incorporated into your Incident Command System.

The kit also includes EMT3 (Enhanced Method Triage - Treatment - Transport) contents. This includes 50 All Risk Triage Tags, exlcusive to Disaster Management Systems products.

These tags are vital to preserving victim life, especially those involved in incidents in the industrial, chemical and biological industries. Job action sheets and related forms are also included to ensure a smooth facilitation of a MCI.

Product Contents

• 4 – 15′ x 20′ color coded treatment tarps to immediately establish
and identify treatment areas
• 13 – key I.C.S. position vests for rapid deployment
• EMT3 (Enhanced Method Triage – Treatment – Transport) Components
• Ruggedized Rolling Duffel Bag
• Common-sense forms to provide for accurate patient accountability.
• Pens and clipboards

Order your deluxe disaster kit from Penn Care today, where we pride ourselves in providing supplies and solutions for those within healthcare and related industries.