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Rusch® Color-Coded Berman Airway Size 00, 40 mm, 50/BX (Individually Packaged)

The Rusch® Color-Coded Berman Airway features:
– Color-coded for easy size identification
– Full range of sizes and convenient packaging options
– Emergency kit available with a clear plastic case

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Airways utilize a dual channel design that permits access of a suction catheter even if the airway shifts or is partially occluded, making resuscitation less cumbersome. Rigid bite block helps keep the victims airway from collapsing, ensuring unobstructed ventilation. Sold By the Each.

Features: • Large Adult, Orange, 110 mm, size 6 • Adult, Purple, 100mm, size 5 • Medium Adult, Yellow, 90 mm, size 4 • Small Adult, Green, 80 mm, size 3 • Small Adult, White, 70 mm, size 2 • Pediatric, Black, 60 mm, size 1 • Pediatric, Turquoise, 50 mm, size 0 • infant, Pink, 40 mm, size 00

Product Details

The Berman oral airway kit is critical in airway management during emergency situations. It utilizes a dual channel design, permitting access to a suction catheter — even if the oropharyngeal airway is blocked. Resuscitation is much easier with intubation of the airway. The airway management tool also features a rigid bite block that prevents the patient’s airway from collapsing.

First responders need the proper medical supplies to provide life-saving care. The Rusch color-coded Berman Oral Airway accommodates the bronchoscope or endotracheal tube for best use. It’s made of smooth polyethylene for easy insertion without causing discomfort to the patient.

Product Description
• Color-Coded
• Full Range of Sizes
• Made of Polyethylene
• Emergency Kit Available
• Single-Use
• ISO Standard Size
• Individually Bagged
• Latex-Free
• Box qty = 50
• Non-Sterile

The Rusch Berman Oral Airway tools are color-coded for easy identification. Each color correlates with the size and intended user. Orange is for large adults, purple and yellow are for adults, green and white are for small adults, black and turquoise for pediatrics, and pink for infants.

The Berman Oral Airway, like many other airway management tools, is only intended for single-use to prevent cross-contamination between patients and emergency healthcare providers.

Options to Buy
• Infant/40mm (SKU #: 01-107101)
• Pediatric/50mm (SKU #: 01-107150)
• Pediatric/60mm (SKU #: 01-107102)
• Small Adult/70mm (SKU #: 01-107170)
• Small Adult/80mm (SKU #: 01-107103)
• Medium Adult/90mm (SKU #: 01-107104)
• Adult/100mm (SKU #: 01-107105)
• Large Adult/110mm (SKU #: 01-107106)

Penn Care is your go-to supplier for EMS medical supplies, including first aid kits, EMS CPAP machines, blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, syringes, tourniquets, and more! For more information on the Berman Oral Airway (or other medical supplies), call Penn Care’s expert team at 1-877-287-9715.

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