Teleflex Micro Mist Nebulizer, Handheld

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Teleflex Hand Held Micro Mist Nebulizer

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Micro Mist Nebulizer with Tee and Mouthpiece, Reservoir Tube, 7 ft Star Lumen Oxygen Supply Tubing and Standard Connector

Product Details

The Micro Mist small volume nebulizer from Teleflex Medical is designed for performance and economy. It is intended for use with a nebulizer machine compressor for liquid medication delivery into a patient’s lungs. It can be used for either hand-held or in-line treatments and Micro includes all the design features most needed by respiratory care practitioners today.

HIghlights of the Micro Mist Nebulizer

The Micro Mist Nebulizer’s design ensures that optimal particle size is delivered at an efficient nebulization rate. It has the ability to deliver consistent performance even at angles up to ninety degrees, allowing clinicians to administer medication to patients positioned horizontally or with particular special treatment requirements that require them to be in a certain position. The maximum number of configurations for placement of the nebulizer are available without the risk of sacrificing aerosol quality.

Clinicians and patients can be assured that the jet stays securely in place unless intentionally removed, so there will be no risk of interruption or delay in medication delivery. This nebulizer is meant for small volume dosage delivery of medication at intermittent levels. It features an “easy seal” threaded cap to not only prevent accidental leakage but also stop any possible introduction of foreign material into the reservoir.

Other helpful features of the Micro Mist Nebulizer include a six cc capacity anti-spill jar, and a seven foot long Star Lumen oxygen tube. This product also comes equipped with a standard tubing connection type, mouthpiece, tee, and reservoir tube.

Each Teleflex MicroMist nebulizer comes individually packaged for convenient single use to avoid the possibility of cross contamination. This nebulizer is disposable, and it is strongly recommended to replace it approximately every two weeks. The recommended flow rate of the Micro Mist Nebulizer is 8 LPM (liters per minute). These nebulizers are available for purchase individually or in a case of fifty units from Penn Care. Unless you are a licensed care provider or a similar qualified entity, a prescription is required to purchase this product.

The Micro Mist Nebulizer from Teleflex is the most economic solution to respiratory care and aerosol medication delivery without sacrificing performance. It is simple, reliable, easy to set up and easy to use while delivering robust performance. The entire nebulizer kit comes with everything a respiratory care practitioner requires to start delivering aerosol medication immediately.

Features of the Teleflex Nebulizer
• Optimal particle size at efficient nebulization rates
• Consistent performance at angles up to 90 degrees
• Jet stays in place unless intentionally removed
• Six mL reservoir capacity
• Threaded cap and anti-spill jar
• Seven foot oxygen tube
• Recommended flow rate of eight LPM
• Comes with universal tubing connector
• Individually packaged
• Single use to prevent cross contamination
• Disposable

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