IV Start Kit: 8-Piece with Alcohol Prep Pads

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IV Start Kit: 8-Piece IV Start Kit with Two Alcohol Prep Pads, One PVP Prep Pad and Suresite Window

Kits includes:
• 1 PVP Swabstick
• 2 Alcohol Prep Pad
• 1 Tourniquet
• 1 Roll of Tape
• 2 Gauze Sponges
• 1 Tegaderm Dressing

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By: Medline Industries  |  MPN: DYND74083
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IV Start Kit: 8-Piece IV Start Kit with Two Alcohol Prep Pads, One PVP Prep Pad and Suresite Window

– Medline’s IV start kits mean quicker, smoother procedures
– Components are assembled, sterilized and packaged to save valuable nursing time
– With fewer packages to open, this helps reduce the risk of contamination and there is less waste
– Available in a variety of configurations, all include alcohol prep pads

Product Details

Medline’s sterile IV Start Kits are designed to assist clinicians in providing excellent patient care with quality products while streamlining components, reducing waste, and offering cost-effective supply solutions.

Starting an intravenous line on a patient is a smooth, quick process without the wasted time of hunting around for the next piece of equipment. These kits were created with the input of medical staff to provide maximum benefit to clinicians by selecting the most common medical supplies utilized for minor procedures. They are the ideal solution to save time and effort and get back to the business of helping patients.

Benefits of the 8-Piece IV Starter Kit

Instead of creating inventory space for numerous individual items, the convenient IV Start Kit from Medline Industries is a single parcel pulled from a single location. One convenient kit reduces workspace clutter and lowers the chances of certain components getting misplaced. All of the kit’s items are packaged in sequence of use, allowing the clinician to progress through the procedure’s steps in a more efficient manner.

Sterile IV Start Kits can be a valuable tool in standardizing protocols for quality patient care. When the items necessary for a procedure are supplied in a single tray, facility protocols and continuum of care are easier to establish, maintain, and monitor. Less time needs to be spent ordering supplies and preparing for the procedure, saving your facility both time and money.

The eight piece kit includes the following components:
• 1 antiseptic PVP prep pad which contains ten percent povidone iodine for disinfection of the IV site
• 2 alcohol prep pads which contain seventy percent isopropyl alcohol
• 1 latex-free tourniquet
• 1 roll of CURAD tape
• 2 four-ply gauze sponges
• 1 Suresite transparent dressing for securement of the IV catheter.

All of the components are single use and should be properly disposed of after usage. Medline IV Start Kits are available as single units or in a case of 100 units.

Medline's IV Start Kits streamline your procedures. Components are conveniently assembled, sterilized and packaged to save valuable nursing time. There are fewer packages to open, so the risk of contamination is greatly reduced. The components are conveniently assembled, sterilized and packaged to save EMS and healthcare providers’ valuable time. Clinicians can put their attention to where it’s needed most: the healthcare of their patient.

Features of the Sterile IV Start Kit
• All components together in one easy to access package
• Saves inventory space
• Reduces the risk of contamination and waste
• Components are assembled, sterilized, and packaged to save valuable time
• Kit includes: one PVP prep pad, two alcohol prep pads, one tourniquet, one roll of tape, two four-ply gauze sponges, one Suresite window.

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