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IV Fluid Warmer, FloorMount


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The FloorMount iv fluid warmer™ by Smithworks Medical, Inc. is the ideal solution for your iv fluid warming needs.

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By: Smithworks  |  MPN: 12VFM4L02
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IV Fluid Warmer, Soft Sack, - 12 volt, 12" x 11" x 6"

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The FloorMount iv fluid warmer™ by Smithworks Medical, Inc. is the ideal solution for your iv fluid warming needs. Utilizing existing cabinetry within your emergency vehicle, space allocation for this equipment is minimized or eliminated. The FloorMount iv fluid warmer™ is user friendly, assures accurate warming of your iv solutions, and maintains a normal body temperature infusion for year round rapid interventions of shock, burn patients, pediatric emergencies, geriatric care and care of patients unable to maintain body temperature as well as environmental emergencies.

Designed by a paramedic and engineered to function trouble free at a responsible cost, the FloorMount iv fluid warmer™ is a pioneer in accurate thermo-regulation of iv solutions and durability in the field. Controlled to a temperature range of 36 to 38 degrees Celsius (99 to 101 degrees F), the FloorMount iv fluid warmer™ delivers a thermal normal iv solution consistently. This helps to reduce the risk of induced or secondary hypothermia while providing greater patient comfort. Installation is easily accomplished with minimal effort. It is a straight forward process equipped with a wiring harness and side enclosures. A first time installation should take about an hour.

The FloorMount iv fluid warmer is currently being used in Urgent Care facilities and clinics around the United States.