MicroFlex UltraSense EC Nitrile Gloves

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Nitrile Exam Glove with Extended Cuff

*Due to increased demand amid the COVID-19 Crisis you may experience longer than normal lead times. Call for availability: (800) 392-7233

Due to increased demand amid the COVID-19 Crisis, please call for availability related to this product. 1-800-392-7233


UltraSense EC is a patented, next generation nitrile formulation that provides a reliable barrier while offering the comfort you are used to with a latex glove. Engineered with enhanced tactile sensitivity that provides an excellent grip in both wet and dry environments. UltraSense EC is an extended cuff offering that is packed 100 gloves per box as opposed to the standard 50, maximizing your savings. This glove meets or exceeds all current and proposed NFPA standards.

Recommended for use when:

• Strength and protection are of great importance
• Working in environments that demand consistent grip and reliability
• Precise contact requires enhanced tactile sensitivity
• When your day-to-day duties require a glove that is resistant to tapes and adhesives

Product Details

The MicroFlex UltraSense EC nitrile gloves use a patented, cutting-edge formula from Microflex to promote enhanced tactile sensitivity for amazing grip and dexterity in both wet or dry climates. Each glove features an extended cuff for increased coverage and improved durability. The Microflex UltraSense EC nitrile gloves meet or surpass every standard in current use by or proposed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). This ensures a dependable glove that can be used in a wide variety of professional medical environments.

Having a glove constructed from the next-generation UltraSense EC nitrile formula means having a protective barrier that can be relied on, while still offering a degree of comfort and flexibility commonly associated with latex gloves.

MicroFlex UltraSense EC Product Features:

• Powder-free

• Non-stick to resist tape and adhesives

• Textured fingertips

• Extended beaded cuffs

• Patented UlraSense Nitrile composition for top-level protection

• Non-latex

Enhanced Grip & Protection

The textured fingertips mean you can have confidence that you'll never be at a loss for grip when wearing the UltraSense EC Microflex gloves. The palm thickness is a minimum of .09 mm, while the finger thickness offers a minimum thickness of .12 mm for protection from infection or harmful substances. For those needing a glove that is sturdy and strong, yet provides the necessary freedom of movement required to get the job done, the Microflex UltraSense gloves are a perfect choice.

Multiple Sizing Options

The gloves are available in numerous sizes ranging from XS all the way up to XXXL, and can be ordered both in boxes of 100 gloves each or in cases of 10 boxes per order. Microflex's UltraSense construction meets all FDA standards and is suitable for many industries and professions, including dentistry, healthcare, EMS, laboratory environments, or industrial safety usage.

Using the Microflex Ultrasense EC nitrile glove means that you can be assured of top quality and performance of your gloves under the pressure of a real-world work scenario. Enjoy the confidence of improved protection that can only come from the non-stick surface and extended cuffs that Microflex UltraSense gloves provide.

Great For Any Work Envrionment

The Microflex UltraSense gloves are ideal for work settings that demand a sturdy construction, reliable protection, non-stick functionality, and tactile sensitivity for responsive motion, grip, and feel. With the UltraSense EC nitrile gloves, no matter what the situation calls for you can be sure your gloves will perform with the necessary freedom of mobility, protection, and strength that is demanded of them. Having less to worry about concerning your equipment means having more freedom to focus on the job at hand, leading to increased productivity and effectiveness in the work environment.

True professionals require true performance, and the Microflex UltraSense EC lives up to this standard through the enhanced versatility delivered by its numerous features as well as superior construction of high-quality material.

Buy the Microflex UlltraSense EC nitrile gloves today and appreciate the freedom to move as you please while still reaping the multitude of benefits that come from the top of the line safety and performance that can be achieved with Microflex's patented UltraSense cutting-edge nitrile technology.

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