Full Face Shield Mask - Styles may vary.

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Full Face Shield

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Disposable. Thorough splash protection, yet light weight, comfortable and economical. Anti-fog, optically clear and distortion free. Styles may vary. Adjustable velcro strap, OR ties.

Product Details

Stay protected with the Full Face Mask Shield from Penn Care. The face shield provides full coverage from any potential contagion and virus that you may be exposed to.

Full Face Mask Shield Product Features:

• Protection From Numerous Hazards

• Enhanced Comfort and Usability Features

• Economical Solution

Protection From Numerous Hazards

From the first responders who routinely put their lives at risk day in and day out to the medical workers that routinely find themselves encountering any number of sick and hurt patients, a full face shield mask can help mitigate any potential risk.

With a face shield from Penn Care, provide yourself with adequate and proper coverage of your face. The face shield, as demonstrated, is meant to provide coverage not just to the mouth and eyes, but to the chin, upper neck and forehead regions of the head.

With additional coverage, you'll be able to further ensure that you've taken all the steps necessary to mitigate any potential risk that you're transmitting or receiving harmful and potential extremely dangerous contagion, bacteria or virus.

Enhanced Comfort and Usability Features

Along with the benefit of given the wearer full facial coverage, the face shield comes with additional enhancements to provide comfort and security.

The face shield is constructed out of durable material that is capable of preventing fogging of the shield. This is critical in situations where lack of proper vision could be fatal.

Along with fog resistance, this face shield comes with an adjustable velcro strap, allowing the wearer to fit the shield comfortably on their head while still retaining a secure fit.

Economical Solution

Even with all of the enhanced features, the Full Face Shield Mask is made to be an economical solution so that any facility of any size is able to purchase as many as needed. Your safety shouldn't come at an expensive cost. Ensure the safety of yourself or your employees with a face shield that's affordable without losing the features that matter.

Order the Full Face Shield Mask today from Penn Care, the nation's leading supplier in EMS supplies.

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