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Clean Sac Emesis Sickness Bags

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Case of 144

By: Medline Industries  |  MPN: NON80328
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Dispenser, Wall Mount for Emesis Bags -

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Clean Sac Emesis Sickness Bags
◦ Easy-to-hold, slim design sick bags are better than basins; they help capture vomit more completely, reducing caregiver and patient contact with mess
◦ Single-use, closed system helps prevent spills
◦ Innovative design captures odor and helps reduces exposure; graduated markings (fl. oz. and cc/mL) on the front measure approximate volume
◦ Easy to use; simply tie off at the top ring
◦ NON80328 and NON80329 series bags can be used with our dispenser NONEMBGDISP, available separately

Product Details

Clean Sack sickness bags from Medline Industries capture the mess when a patient has to vomit. With a thirty-six ounce capacity, Clean Sack emesis bags are capable of large containment. They are appropriate for emergency departments, ICUs, ambulances, home healthcare settings, or anywhere else that there is the chance for emesis. They increase patient dignity and allow them to vomit with discretion. The bags feature a comfortable plastic rim so they are easier to hold, and the bag won’t accidentally slip from one’s grip and make an even bigger mess.

Highlights of the Clean Sack Emesis Bag

Clean Sack bags are constructed of durable low density polyurethane (LDPE), so you never need to worry about them breaking under the strain of strenuous usage. The slim design of the Clean Sack bags helps to capture vomit more completely and efficiently, which reduces the chances of potential mess for both the patient and caregiver. Plus, they eliminate the splash that occurs when using a basin or toilet for vomiting, helping to reduce the possibility of cross contamination on floors and surfaces.

A reliable emesis bag reduces the frequency of patient cleanup, linen changes, and floor mopping. Clean Sack bags are also suitable for urine collection.

Clean Sack bags have a unique opaque design to reduce exposure, and the innovative plastic helps to capture and neutralize any unpleasant odors. Clearly printed graduated markings on the front of the Clean Sack measure the approximate volume of the contents of the bag. These markings are in both fluid ounces and cubic centimeters and milliliters.

Clean sack bags feature an easy to close mechanism. After the bag has been used, just tie off at the top by grasping the bag eight to ten inches below the comfort ring, and twisting the ring. Then tuck the twisted bag into one of the four notches around the ring to hold it closed. The full bag can then be easily discarded in the regular or red bag trash. Clean Sack emesis bags are designed for single use, and should not be reused. They are constructed of latex-free materials.

Clean Sack bags can be used with the Medline Clean Sack Dispenser, which is sold separately and holds up to twenty-four bags. One case of Clean Sack bags contains 144 units.

Features of the Clean Sack Sickness Bags
• Easy to grip
• Slim design to capture vomit more completely
• Reduced caregiver and patient contact with mess
• Better than toilet or basin
• Reduces odors
• Graduated markings to measure contents
• Easy tie off closure
• Disposable in regular or red bag trash
• Latex-free construction
• Can be used with Clean Sack Dispenser (sold separately)

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