Drug Lock, Padlock Drug Seal, Numbered

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Purple, Bag of 100

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Red, Bag of 100

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Padlock Seals, Consecutively Numbered

• Unique hinge design causes a spring-back motion if the seal is not properly applied.
• Average breaking strength – 8 lb.
• Numbering – Consecutively Numbered
• Material – Polypropylene
• Quantity – 100 per package
• Tools needed for removal – None
• Autoclavable – Up to 270°F (132°C)
• Also available in Blue, Green, Red, White and Yellow.
• Dimensions – 1-1/2″W x 1-7/8″H
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Product Details

It’s essential that hospitals and medical facilities keep their drug supplies secure. The potential for theft of easily abused drugs like opioids and benzodiazepines is high, and health care providers need to take the proper steps to prevent these pharmaceuticals from ending up in the local community or on the black market. To help with this, hospitals and medical offices trust padlock seals from Healthcare Logistics, which can be used on medical kits, medical bags, drawers, and lockers to keep drugs and other medical supplies secure.

Padlock Seal Product Features
• Protects drugs and other medical supplies
• Polypropylene construction
• Average breaking strength of 8 pounds
• No tools required
• Tamper evident seals
• Consecutively numbered in large print
• Autoclavable up to 270 degrees F, 132 degrees C
• Six colors available: red, yellow, blue, green, purple, and white
• Qty. of 100 per pouch

Padlock drug seals from Healthcare Logistics are completely constructed of polypropylene, with an average breaking strength of 8 pounds. No special tools are required to open one of these drug seals, just twist the lock and pull it to remove. (This saves valuable time when accessing medications or supplies.)

One piece construction means there’s no hasp or lock body that can get misplaced. Healthcare Logistics’ Drug Locks feature tamper evident construction, so if a medical supply cabinet or drug box has been broken into, medical staff will know immediately and can take the appropriate measures.

Benefits of the Tamper Evident Padlock Seal
Once the padlock drug seal is broken, it cannot be resealed to cover up evidence of tampering or infiltration. The unique hinge design causes a spring back motion if the security seal has not been closed properly. Once closed, the padlock drug seal is self-locking and will stay closed until it is twisted off.

The locks are numbered consecutively with easy-to read digits so that lock numbers can be recorded in the event that drugs are transported or moved from one location to another. Due to their heavy duty construction, these padlock drug seals are even autoclavable. They are built to withstand temperatures of up to 270 degrees Fahrenheit (132 degrees Celsius), and the body of the lock also features a loop for adding a tag or other additional information.

These drug padlocks can also be utilized by drug delivery services, pharmacies or other drug dispensers to ensure the security of their supplies. Non-drug items, such as syringes, can also be secured with these plastic seals. Emergency medical services (EMS) are able to use these trusted padlock seals to protect drugs and even first aid or infection control equipment in an ambulance or rescue vehicle. This product is available in six colors: red, yellow, blue, green, purple, and white, and each color comes in a quantity of 100 per pouch.