BVM, Ambu SPUR II with PEEP Valve, Single Patient Use Resuscitator

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The Ambu SPUR II (Single Patient Use Resuscitator) is designed for manual ventilation of neonates through to adults.

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SKU #: 01-450064
Pop Off Valve, Infant (Infant Mask)
By: Ambu  |  MPN: 540212064
SKU #: 01-4500A
Adult, Adult Medium Mask
By: Ambu  |  MPN: 520211001
SKU #: 01-4500I
Pop-Off Valve, Pediatric (Infant Mask)
By: Ambu  |  MPN: 530212001
SKU #: 01-4500T
Pop-Off Valve, Pediatric (Toddler Mask)
By: Ambu  |  MPN: 530213001
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Ambu SPUR II provides users with exceptional tactile and visual feedback during resuscitation. The bag is highly responsive, featuring minimal mechanical resistance. Moreover, the characteristic design provides the optimum in respect to stroke volume and recoil. These masks are disposable, thus eliminating all risks of cross contamination. A stiff and heavy bag can quickly cause muscle cramps and shoulder pain. That’s why the Ambu SPUR II is our lightest, most flexible unit ever. The built-in handle makes it easier to hold and operate, even if the user has very small hands. All Ambu SPUR II’s are equipped with a medication port that allows quick medication delivery. Adult and pediatric sizes have a soft splashguard for user safety and all pediatric and infant sizes are equipped with an override value system that helps prevent giving too high pressure into the patient’s lungs. These items are Latex Free. 

Product Details

The Ambu SPUR II BVM (bag valve mask) is a single-patient use resuscitator designed for manual ventilation. It is a manual resuscitator that can be used for neonate, pediatric and adult patients. The Ambu SPUR II is a disposable resuscitator intended for single-patient use. Disposing of the Ambu SPUR II resuscitator after use eliminates all risk of cross-contamination between patients. Disinfectants help reduce this risk, but disposable supplies are the best option for user safety.

The Ambu SPUR II is the only BVM made from SEBS polymer material, making it PVC and latex-free. The SafeGrip surface has minimal mechanical resistance when squeezing. It’s the classic Ambu bag design with stroke volume and recoil, but with a smaller and lighter design. This airway tool doesn’t interfere with other healthcare equipment. The built-in medication port allows for the quick delivery of medication without removing the ET tube.

The Ambu SPUR II resuscitator comes with an attached PEEP valve (positive end-expiratory pressure). This maintains the patient’s airway pressure above atmospheric level to prevent lung injury.

Key Benefits
• SafeGrip Surface for Secure Handling
• Ergonomic and Lightweight Design
• Fast Recoil Time
• Easy-to-Attach Manometer and PEEP Valve
• Single-Shutter Valve System
• 360° Swivel Between Valve and Face Mask
• Integrated Handle
• Thin-Walled Compression Bag
• Low Valve Resisted for Improved Airflow
• Soft Splash Guard
• Reliable Functionality

A BVM is a face mask and bag reservoir with a shutter valve connector (the mask must fit tightly over the patient’s nose and mouth). They can be connected to an oxygen reservoir or manually provide air into the patient’s lungs using the resuscitator bag. In critical EMS situations, patient immobilization may be needed. In these emergencies, two healthcare providers provide faster care, as one can secure the mask while the other inflates the bag.

Multiple Options in Stock
• SPUR II Infant Mask (SKU #: 01-450064)
• SPUR II Pediatric Mask (SKU #: 01-4500I)
• SPUR II Adult Mask (SKU #: 01-4500A)

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