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Hi–Flow™ Suction Canisters With Aerostat® Filters And Float Valve Shutoff

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SKU #: 01-01161
By: Bemis  |  MPN: 484410
pack of 12 eaches
case of 4 packs
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By: Bemis  |  MPN: 8002 055
pack of 10 eaches
case of 7 packs

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800cc Hi-Flow Canister
Product #8002 055
• For small–volume use
• Pour spout, vacuum and patient ports
• Built-in critical measure
• Dimensions: 6″ H x 9″ L x 1/2″ W
• 70/case

1200cc Hi-Flow Canister
Product #484410
• Pour spout, vacuum, tandem and patient ports
• Stepped patient port for direct tubing access
• 48/case

Product Details

Hi-Flow Suction Canisters from Bemis Health Care are intended for use with suction equipment to allow for the collection and disposal of bodily fluids and other materials removed during surgical or medical procedures.

Highlights of the Hi-Flow Suction Container

With the built-in Aerostat Filters, this canister filters aerosolized microorganisms and particulate matter. The canister features a positive shutoff valve which closes immediately when fluid reaches the top to prevent overflow. A foam guard keeps the float valve securely in place in order to prevent the possibility of premature shutoff.

There are multiple ports on the lid for versatility: a vacuum port for direct connection to suction equipment, a patient port for direct tubing access, and pour spout. The canister’s lid is self-sealing, ensuring leak free closure. Graduations are large and easy to read, and the frosted panel provides a writing area if necessary. The canisters can also be nested for easy space saving storage, are constructed entirely of latex-free materials, and are disposable.

*Note that the canister is not intended for use as a measuring device, and graduations should only be used for general reference and not for specific measurement.

Hi-Flow Suction Canisters are intended for single use only, and should not be cleaned, sterilized, or reused. Possible consequences of reusing a canister are implosion of the canister, accidental fluid bypass, or exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

Do not apply a continuous vacuum to the canister for more than twenty-four hours, and do not exceed vacuum level of twenty-five inches Hg. Hi-Flow Suction Canisters are not recommended for use in liposuction procedures. These canisters should be stored in a dark place at all times, as long-term exposure to light may compromise product performance and result in the possibility of breakage during use. If applicable, check the canister for a use by date.

Always consider the contents of the canister to be hazardous, and remember to use appropriate personal protective equipment while handling the canister. Never pick up the canister by its lid, because the weight of the full container may cause the lid to separate from the canister. Before disposing of the canister, seal vacuum and patient ports with port caps. Dispose of the filled canister properly according to your medical institution’s guidelines.

Hi-Flow Suction Canisters provide easy, convenient storage of body fluids removed during medical procedures until they can be properly disposed of. The many helpful features of the canister make body fluid collection safe for hospital staff.

Features of the Hi-Flow Suction Container from Bemis Health Care
• Built-in Aerostat Filter
• Float valve shutoff
• Foam guard prevents premature shutoff
• Lids contain multiple ports for versatility
• Easy to read graduations
• Canisters can be nested for storage
• Self-sealing lid
• Latex-free construction
• Disposable
• Single use only