Blanket, Emergency Disposable

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Single-use emergency blankets designed to keep the patient warm and dry.

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Poly Foam

By: MedSource  |  MPN: MS-B200
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Poly Tissue

By: MedSource  |  MPN: MS-B300
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MedSource offers three different single-use emergency blankets: Mylar, Poly Foam and Poly Tissue. The blankets are designed to keep the patient warm and dry during transport or other emergency situations.

The Poly-Tissue Emergency Blanket is constructed of an absorbent tissue layer secured to a water-resistant backing. This construction offers an ideal economic solution for the single-use blanket. Measures: 56” x 90“.

The Poly-Foam Emergency Blanket is made of a poly-laminate cover adhered to a layer of urethane foam. This blanket keeps the patient warm and dry while awaiting transport. Measures: 58” X 90”.

The Mylar Emergency Blanket is designed to retain the body heat during shock. It is waterproof, and has a reflective surface to provide high visibility. Measures: 52” X 82”.