Ambu King Vision aBlade Video Laryngoscope Kit

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KVLVA12 aBlade Video Adapter (For Size 1 and 2)
KVLVA34 aBlade Video Adapter (For size 3)

SKU #: 01-526912
Pediatric (For Size 1 and 2)
By: Ambu  |  MPN: KVLVA12
SKU #: 01-526934
Adult (For size 3)
By: Ambu  |  MPN: KVLVA34

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Size recommendation:

For infants and children the small video adapter 1-2 and associated blades are indicated:

– aBlade size 1 (Infant patients <4 years)* - aBlade size 2+2C (Child patients 1–10 years)* For larger children and adults the large video adapter 3-4 and associated blades are indicated: - aBlade size 3+3C (Children >5 years and Adults)*

* Size ranges are based on teeth-to-vallecula data for the given ages, tracheal tube sizing recommendations and actual experience. A medical professional must evaluate on a patient-by-patient basis.

Product Details

The King Vision® aBlade video laryngoscope from Ambu offers advanced imaging technology. Paired with an ergonomic design, the laryngoscope provides an unparalleled view of the airway while providing little to no strain on the patient.

King Vision aBlade Product Features:

• Portability In Mind

• Non-Glare Display that provides unmatched viewing of the passageway

• Channeled and Standard aBlades

Portability In Mind

The aBlade is designed to be the ultimate solution for facilities. The aBlade is lightweight and battery operated. Simply put in 3 AAA batteries and you're good to go. With that, the video laryngoscope has an 80-minute battery life that you can carry with you due to its weight.

Ambu's offering provides an excellent solution for clinicians both in and out of the field.

Non-Glare Display

The Ambu King Vision aBlade Kit comes with a high-intensity TFT LCD display that has a video resolution of 640 x 480. The display provides a quick and clear view of the passageway. A 160-degree panoramic field is shown to provide accurate viewing. The display comes with a 1-year warranty in case of damage.

If you prefer to view the intubation on a separate screen, the King Vision offers video output with the included video adaptor.

Both the reusable display and video adapter come packaged in a protective case to prevent damage during transport. They're made water-resistant and use durable materials that help withstand repeated normal use wear.

Channeled and Standard aBlades

The aBlade is designed to be used with two different blade types: standard and channeled. While the standard blades provide an excellent and easy-to-use option in most scenarios, the channeled blades provide extra guidance for difficult airways. Each King Vision aBlade kit comes with a set of both standard and channeled aBlades.

The aBlades necessary for product use are individually packaged to help make the King Vision the most portable solution in the industry.

Along with that, the disposable blades allow for economical use of the King Vision. They also provide an extremely safe intubation experience for patients by preventing cross-contamination.

Technical Specifications
Display: Reusable full color TFT LCD display, 2.4”
Blades: Disposable channeled and non-channeled blades
Batteries: 3 AAA batteries
Battery life: about 90 minutes
ET tube size for channelled blades: aBlade™ 2C: 4.5-5.5 mm, aBlade 3C: 6.0-8.0 mm
aBlade Video adapter: Reusable video adapter with camera and white LED light
Cable: Custom Video-out Cable (2.75m / 9’)

No other video laryngoscope on the market provides the unique flexibility that the King Vision aBlade does. With a full-color display, video adapter and set of disposable blades, the aBlade is the best solution for efficient airway management.

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