Medix Ambulance AL-171 – Type I Ambulance

Ambulance Type
Type I
Wheel Base
Overall Length
Overall Width
Overall Height
Module Length
Module Width
Module Headroom

Available on these Chassis: Ford E-450, Ford F Series, Ram 4500/5500 & GM C4500.
Ford F series & Dodge Ram are both available in gas & diesel.

The Medix AL-171 is their flagship model, designed with a spacious 74” headroom, it is 96” wide and 171” long, making it one of the longer Type I bodies in the industry. The AL-171 also has a very generous usable payload making it an ideal vehicle for any agency.

Medix understands the need for dependable, long-lasting emergency vehicles that are equipped to provide medical services to their communities for decades. Using their extensive experience, they have designed an ambulance that keeps crews and patients safe while also having the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Design of the Medix AL-171 Ambulance Model

Their flagship model, the AL-171 has a generous 74” height, a 96” width, and is 171” long. Its substantial payload capability makes the AL-171 perfect for any agency. This ambulance model is available on the following chassis: Ford E-450, Ford F Series, Ram 4500/5500 & GMC 4500. (Ford F series & Dodge Ram are both available in gas & diesel engines.)

The crowned roof design is the most advanced and strongest roof structure in the industry. Other manufacturers use conventional flat tube roof designs or roof structures with C channels and braces. This unique design significantly strengthens the roof of the ambulance for increased safety. The crowned roof also provides additional headroom inside the ambulance and maximizes the safety of all occupants by securing grab rails, oxygen ports, and IV hangers into a recessed pocket on the inside of the patient area.

This ambulance’s interior is wood-free, from the walls to the cabinets. This unique construction helps to eliminate the possibility of damage due to caustic chemicals and other fluids. Instead, this ambulance uses powder-coated aluminum for the main cabinet wall, squad bench wall, front wall ALS cabinet, and all cabinetry found in the vehicle. An aluminum powder-coated interior also won’t absorb fluids, and won’t chip or break. The interior is designed to take all of the punishment that an emergency vehicle would expect to encounter during years of service.

These ambulances also feature the industry’s best HVAC systems. The HVAC provides 60,000 BTUs of heating capacity and 38,000 BTUs of cooling capacity at 620 CFM. The ambient temperature will not influence the output of this ambulance, because its unique ducted HVAC design is installed below the module insulation.

Purchasing the Right Ambulance Type for Your Needs

A dependable ambulance is a lifeline for your community. Medix has over 120 years of engineering and manufacturing experience to draw from to help your agency get the best equipment possible. For more information, a custom quote, or to schedule a demonstration appointment, contact Penn Care!

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