Gen-T Models

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Gen-T Ambulances are specialized vehicles. They come in Type I and Type III ambulances built on a Ford, Ram, or GM chassis. These ambulances are safety-focused and quality-driven - suitable for any facility.


Gen-T Ambulances understands the critical need to make the right decision. For those looking at ambulances, there are dozens of options available. To help make your choice easier, Gen-T Ambulance has rigorously worked to become the leading manufacturer of the industry's newest and highest quality vehicles. Keep your crew and patients safe while maintaining the lowest cost of ownership and maintenance in the industry. Gen-T Ambulance's team has a combined 120 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, coming from all areas of the industry and beyond. The team was challenged and driven by its mission - to provide a better class of ambulances. They brought a fresh, new approach to ambulance design and construction. Gen-T builds on a foundation of today’s industry standards - not the standards from the ’60s and ’70s.All Gen-T Ambulances are built in the United States at their Elkhart, Indiana facility.

Gen-T Ambulance is proud to manufacturer the industries newest premier, high quality ambulance. Gen-T Ambulance believes that quality, safety, and innovation do not have to come at a premium price.

Powder Coated Interior


Many competitors still use wood-based Formica laminated walls for the interior of their emergency vehicles. This material is susceptible to cracking and absorbing blood-borne pathogens. Gen-T powder coats all their aluminum material including the main cabinet wall, squad bench wall, front wall ALS cabinet and all individual cabinets around the vehicle. The interior is designed to withstand the heavy abuse a front line ambulance endures over decades of use. Also, the aluminum powder-coated interior is impervious to fluid absorption and will not crack or chip. This guarantees that the interior will look like a brand new ambulance's in 20 years as it did at delivery!

Crowned Roof


Gen-T’s innovative Crowned Roof design is the most advanced and strongest roof structure in the industry. Unlike other manufacturers, who use conventional flat-tube roof designs, or roof structures with C channel and braces, Gen-T uses an advanced and innovative “Trussed Roof” design not found on any other manufacturer. This unique design significantly strengthens the roof of the ambulance for increased safety. The crowned roof provides additional headroom inside the ambulance and incorporates a level of occupant safety by securing grab rails, oxygen ports, and IV hangers into a recessed pocket on the inside of the patient area.

Ducted HVAC


Gen-T provides one of the industry's best HVAC systems. The standard system has 60,000 BTU’s of Heating capacity, 38,000 BTU’s of cooling capacity at 620 CFM. The innovative step-down plenum duct system ensures that airflow is consistent from all 7 vents in the main cabinet wall. Additionally- unlike competitors, the ducted system is installed entirely below the module insulation, ensuring that the HVAC output will not be affected by outside temperature on the module structure.

The Gen-T Ambulance line are excellent choices for EMS facilities, providing premium standards for those on a restricted budget.

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