What Is an Ambu BVM (Bag Valve Mask)?

Bag Valve Masks are used by emergency medical services (EMS) personnel, nurses and doctors to assist patients suffering from respiratory distress or otherwise not breathing normally.  Also referred to as Ambu bags or manual resuscitators, they are an important tool for emergency and first aid preparedness. 

How Does a BVM Work?

The BVM consists of a face mask (which fits tightly over the nose and mouth of the patient) and an attached bag reservoir with a shutter valve connector. The Ambu Bag can be connected to an oxygen reservoir or used to provide air to the patient’s lungs.

A manometer measures the pressure inside the Ambu bag and allows you to see oxygen levels by checking this gauge before placing it on the patient’s face. This feature is especially helpful when performing manual resuscitation on infants or neonates.

Optimum use of a BVM requires immobilization of the patient and two members of EMS personnel, one to secure the mask on the patient’s face and one to inflate the bag.

Different Features of BVMs

BVMs typically come in different sizes with different features, depending on the patient and specific situation. BVMs can come equipped with infant masks, pediatric masks and adult masks. The attached bags will also hold different volumes of air or oxygen.

BVMs also may come with or without an attached PEEP valve. PEEP stands for “Positive End Expiratory Pressure,” which is a method of airway therapy that maintains the patient’s airway pressure above atmospheric level and prevents the collapse of the alveoli within the lungs.

Advantages of the SPUR II BVM

The Ambu Spur II disposable resuscitator is a latex-free bag valve mask manufactured by Ambu, the industry leader in bag valve masks for over half a century.

Latex-Free Construction

The Ambu SPUR II resuscitator is the only BVM made from SEBS material instead of PVC. It is environmentally safe and eliminates all risk of cross-contamination because it’s disposable.

Responsive Material

The bag is made of thin SafeGrip material, which has minimal mechanical resistance when squeezing. The classic Ambu design has perfect stroke volume and recoil but is smaller and lighter than most units.

Pop-Off Valve

Also known as a pressure relief valve, the pop-off valve allows medical personnel to balance the pressure in the patient’s lungs and prevent over-pressurization, which can lead to injury.

Medication Port

The built-in port allows for quick medication delivery without disconnecting the Ambu SPUR II from the ET tube.

Optional HEPA Filter

The version of the SPUR II with HEPA filter is available if it becomes necessary for a patient to receive filtered air.

Trust the Ambu SPUR II

Choosing the right device can be crucial to saving lives in a healthcare emergency. The Ambu Spur II has many advantages over other masks and will provide the patient with a comfortable experience while maintaining high levels of performance.

Ambu BVMs are available at Penn Care, along with other emergency response equipment such as AEDs, tourniquets, and PPE.