Penn Care Celebrates 35 Years in Business

Our anniversary isn’t just about a celebration of our success. It’s a celebration of the trusted relationship we have built with our customers, dedicated staff, vendors, and the communities we serve. We would not be here without the support of our customers.

Many things have changed in EMS since Shawn and I opened the doors 35 years ago. What has not changed is the way we conduct our business with you.

You have many choices as to where you do business. However, what we can provide is a unique experience here as the owners are on the frontline of the day-to-day operations. The person who answers the phone can make the decision necessary to solve your problems. We have no stockholder, no parent company, and no one in some faraway place making policies that could affect the efficient way you and I do business together.

In closing, Taylor nor I could have the success we have without our employees who make up the culture of Penn Care. Through their years of effort and sacrifice, they’ve helped make this anniversary a reality and will ensure many more to come.

Don Bloom & Taylor Pease