Ambulance Maintenance: A Complete Checklist

Following your vehicle’s maintenance schedule as described in the owner’s manual is an essential part of keeping it running smoothly and safely. And, if that vehicle is an ambulance or emergency response vehicle, then scheduled maintenance is even more important! 

For ambulance services and the emergency medical services (EMS) workers/paramedics, a well-maintained ambulance is an indispensable tool. For patients, that functioning ambulance is a lifeline. Here’s a checklist of things to complete during an ambulance’s routine maintenance checkup. 

Service and Maintenance from Penn Care

At Penn Care, we understand that proper maintenance and care is vital for emergency response vehicles. That’s why our repair and maintenance services come to you! Services offered include floor plate & power load installation, V-Mux diagnostics, lighting, sirens & air horns, liquid spring, locks, latches & rollers, inverters, electrical diagnosis, and HVAC systems.

Keep Organized Vehicle Maintenance Records

Just as important as regular maintenance is the process of keeping accurate and detailed records of all maintenance performed on your fleet. Whether or not you decide to keep those records as part of a preventative maintenance program is up to you, but organization goes a long way. When records are up to date, your service department or provider won’t waste time doing maintenance that isn’t necessary (or neglect something that was due). 

Ambulance Maintenance Checklist

Ambulance maintenance can be broken down according to the frequency that a given system needs to be checked. Some systems should be checked on a monthly basis, some every few months, and some annually. The checklist will divide the maintenance according to how often it should be performed. 

Monthly Maintenance

    • Inspect tires for wear and proper air pressure
    • Inspect door switches, lubricate if needed
    • Inspect safety warning lights
    • Inspect back-up alarm device 
    • Inspect and clean back-up camera
    • Inspect and clean interior camera
    • Inspect and clean all interior screens
    • Inspect the inverter/charger unit, making sure cables are secure and fasteners are tightened
    • Inspect primary stretcher systems
    • Inspect vehicle suspension system for loose or worn components and leaks around fittings
    • Inspect the standard heating/AC system; clean if necessary

Quarterly Vehicle Maintenance

    • Inspect suction device
    • Inspect siren speakers
    • Inspect and check battery connections; perform load test
    • Lubricate conversion batteries’ sliding tray
    • Inspect oxygen systems for leaks
    • Inspect seat belts and latches for wear/malfunction
    • Inspect safety net webbing and anchors for wear/malfunction
    • Inspect stretcher and backboard fasteners
    • Inspect and lubricate rear flip-up step swivels
    • Lubricate door handles and check for wear or corrosion
    • Inspect and lubricate door locks and lock barrels
    • Inspect, clean, and lubricate door hinges and weatherstrips

Semi-Annual Vehicle Maintenance

    • Inspect spare tire air pressure
    • Inspect all electrical panel connections
    • Inspect and check all connections in the battery isolator
    • Inspect and repair the opening grille of each chrome vents, if necessary
    • Inspect emergency release latches
    • Inspect cooling system fluid level and coolant strength
    • Inspect cooling system lines
    • Inspect and clean body and door drain holes

Annual Vehicle Maintenance

    • Inspect and wax all interior surfaces 
    • Inspect quick release oxygen cylinder bracket and tighten, if necessary
    • Inspect and, if necessary, repair all 110 volts AC outlets

Penn Care Keeps Your Ambulance Fleet Moving

In order to make sure that your ambulances and emergency response vehicles are ready to provide health care transport when it’s needed, contact Penn Care. We’re not just the best supplier of medical supplies, ambulances and equipment, but we also offer our ambulance maintenance and repair service to numerous EMS agencies

Our mobile technician comes to your location and takes care of any repairs you need: inverters, HVAC systems, and electrical systems, as well as latches, door handles, and sirens. We even offer a preventative maintenance program with no mileage fees and two 60+ point inspections a year! Enroll today and keep saving lives!