Philips Tempus ALS: Accessories and Add-Ons

The Philips Tempus ALS Monitor/Defibrillator is a 2-piece connected solution that consist of the Tempus Pro Monitor and the Tempus LS Manual Defibrillator.  The system is designed for medical experts trained in administering critical care. It’s lightweight, intuitive, and can be used by emergency medical services (EMS) at the site of the emergency or in a hospital setting for treatment of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

The Philips Tempus LS

The Phillips Tempus LS Manual Defibrillator is a rugged, dependable device ready to be deployed by trained medical personnel. The unit weighs only 4.3 pounds, so transporting it over long distances or rough terrain is simple, even when carrying other gear. It is able to deliver up to 300 rounds of cardiac shock therapy at a rate of 200J with a fully charged battery. Plus, it can easily switch between adult and pediatric modes, making it a versatile piece of gear in an emergency. 

The Philips Tempus LS has an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of 65. The unit can safely operate in conditions of zero degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius. Its ability to operate in very harsh conditions makes it perfect for delivering shocks even on front lines for military personnel. 

Here’s a breakdown of useful accessories that further enhance the Philips Tempus LS device and help it be a comprehensive, lifesaving diagnostic tool. 

The Philips Tempus Pro Monitor

The Philips Tempus LS automatically connects with the Philips Tempus Pro Monitor via bluetooth when they are powered up together. The Philips Tempus Pro Monitor weighs only 7 pounds, making it easily transportable along with the Tempus Pro LS and other lifesaving equipment. 

When seconds count, first responders and EMTs need to make sure that they have everything they need close at hand. The monitor features a 6.5-inch color display that’s easily readable even in daylight, and all of the Monitor’s functions can be controlled via touch screen menus that can be operated with gloved hands. 

Philips Tempus Pro Sensor Capabilities

The Philips Tempus Pro Monitor boasts an array of sensing capabilities and can report a variety of data: 

    • ECG monitoring
    • Real-time arrhythmia detection and alarming
    • Real-time ST and QT measurement and alarming
    • 12 Lead diagnostic ECG recording
    • 12 lead ECG recording interpretation
    • Impedance pneumography (respiration rate measured through ECG leads)
    • Heart rate (from ECG) or pulse rate (from pulse oximetry)
    • Non-invasive blood pressure
    • End tidal CO2 (ETCO2)
    • Respiration rate
    • Pulse Oximetry including oxygen saturation (SpO2), total hemoglobin (SpHb), methemoglobin saturation (SpMet), carboxyhemoglobin (SpCO), oxygen content (SpOC), pleth variability index (PVI)
    • Patient temperature

Philips has partnered with Masimo, a worldwide leader in the areas of sensor and signal processing solutions, to provide the latest innovations in the field of vital sign monitoring. 

Additional features include a 4.3-inch thermal printer and an integrated camera. The rechargeable lithium ion battery provides over ten hours of battery life with the screen brightness at sixty percent or up to fourteen hours of battery life with battery saving mode activated. 

The Philips Tempus Pro Monitor is also highly durable, with an IP66 rating making it ready for use even in daunting conditions. With the ability to also provide video laryngoscopy for airway maintenance, ultrasound, and telemedicine, the Philips Tempus Pro Monitor is the best solution for real-time patient monitoring and diagnostics. 

Docking and Charging Station for the Philips Tempus ALS

Both the Philips Tempus LS and the Philips Tempus Pro Monitor also can be docked and charged using their respective charging stations. After periods of extended use, or during times when the same units must be taken out on multiple occasions, the devices can be docked to recharge their lithium-ion batteries. 

The Tempus Pro Monitor Docking and Charging Station features an ethernet port and two USB ports for downloading or transferring patient data. 

Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket

To keep your Philips Tempus LS and Philips Tempus Pro Monitor devices safe during land or air transport, they can be mounted in the high-strength mounts from Technimount. These mounts are constructed of heavy duty aluminum with a polyurethane handle for easy carrying. 

Each Technimount bracket features a one-handed, Red Quick Release Mechanism on the top of the bracket for easy installation and removal of the medical device from the mounting system. Every part of the Philips Tempus LS and Philips Tempus Pro Monitor units is accessible while contained inside the mount, and each device can be secured into the mounting bracket without the use of screws or any additional tools. The brackets are highly resistant to body fluids and can be cleaned with standard disinfectant solutions. 

Having medical devices properly mounted and secured during patient transport is extremely important in the event of a crash. Any unsecured equipment becomes an injury risk to the patient and emergency personnel. Reduce the risk of injury and breakage because of unsecured medical devices by having your Philips Tempus LS and Philips Tempus Pro Monitors mounted safely. 

Philips Tempus ALS Carry Bag

A carrying bag makes transporting the Philips Tempus LS or Philips Tempus Pro Monitors easy on foot or over rough terrain. The carrying bag from PAX fits both devices and allows for complete access to the unit while also providing storage space for additional lifesaving equipment. 

The zippered pockets allow for quick, convenient access to additional Philips Tempus accessories. The bag is constructed of heavy-duty, lightweight PAX Rip-Tec material, and the handle is bolted for safe, comfortable carrying. The four buckles allow for quick removal of the Philips Tempus LS or Philips Tempus Pro Monitor. 

Spare Electrodes for Philips Tempus LS 

Spare electrodes for the Philips Tempus LS should be part of every first responder’s defibrillator setup. Philips Tempus LS Electrodes are available in both adult and pediatric models. The pediatric model electrode is designed for children under 8 years of age or under 55 pounds. Both models are color-coded to easily and quickly identify them, and come with a 6 foot cable allowing plenty of room for first responders to work. 

These electrodes are designed specifically to function with the Philips Tempus LS model of defibrillator. They are not compatible with other Philips automated external defibrillators (AEDs), such as the Philips HeartStart.  

Spare Battery for Philips Tempus Pro and Philips Tempus LS 

The Philips Tempus LS can provide continuous monitoring for over 10 hours or deliver 300 shocks at 200 joules on a fully charged battery. The Philips Tempus Pro Monitor can perform continuous ECG monitoring for over 12 hours with a fully charged battery

If you’re anticipating heavy or near continuous use of either the Philips Tempus LS or the Philips Tempus Pro Monitor, it’s a good idea to purchase a spare battery for each unit in case of emergency. Keep those batteries close at hand at all times, and regularly check the packaging of the battery to make sure it’s not past its installation date. 

Video Laryngoscope

In order to utilize the video laryngoscopy capabilities of the Philips Tempus LS, an additional video laryngoscope device must be used. The C-MAC S Imager, for example, has the ability to connect to the Philips Tempus Pro using USB. The Imager fits 3 different sizes of single-use adult blades (MAC #3, #4, and D-BLADE), and its design allows the user to quickly and efficiently switch to a new blade when needed. 

The Imager is reusable, waterproof, and is fully submersible for thorough cleaning and disinfecting. 


An additional feature of the Tempus Pro is Ultrasound functionality. A USB connected 3.5 MHZ General Abdominal Ultrasound Probe and 7.5 MHz Vascular Ultrasound Probe are available for on screen display of ultrasound imagery and Automatic creation of a FAST exam report.

CPR Feedback Sensor

The Philips Tempus LS can be connected to a CPR feedback sensor via USB that generates data based on chest compression rate and depth, and relays visual and audio data back to the CPR performer. The feedback provided is in accordance with American Heart Association Guidelines for performing CPR. CPR feedback sensors are intended for adult and pediatric patients above 8 years of age or 55 pounds. 

Other Recommended Accessories for the Philips Tempus ALS

There are a few other accessories that are often recommended along with your Philips Tempus LS. A pair of heavy-duty trauma shears is ideal not only for cutting items like bandages and gauze but also for cutting through seat belts and clothing. It’s best to find a pair of shears that is fully autoclavable for easy sterilization. 

To get the most out of the combined Philips Tempus ALS system, a number of different cables are available to maximize its sensory capabilities. ECG modular cables are available in 4-lead, 6-lead, and 12-lead configurations. Reusable SpO2 sensors manufactured by Masimo are used for measuring and monitoring a patient’s blood oxygen saturation level, and these sensors are available in adult and pediatric sizes. 

Replacement power cables and main power supplies are available and are compatible with the Philips Tempus LS and Philips Tempus Pro Monitor. Having extra sets of power cables is valuable in situations where the Philips Tempus LS or Philips Tempus Pro Monitor are being used in an indoor setting. By using the power cables, battery life can be conserved for the occasions where these items would be used out in the field. 

Even though the Philips Tempus LS and Philips Tempus Pro Monitors are dependably constructed, accidents are inevitable. Over the course of the device’s life, it will be transported from one site to another, in and out of buildings, and be stored alongside other equipment in ambulances, fire trucks, and rescue vehicles. All of these places can contribute to the wear and tear on the Philips Tempus Pro Monitor’s display screen. Screen protectors are available to protect the monitor’s screen from abrasions and gouges. Once a screen protector has gotten too dirty or damaged, just peel it off and replace it with a new one. Protecting the monitor’s display will help to extend the useful life of the Philips Tempus Pro Monitor and avoid the need for costly repairs or replacement of the device. 

Patient Data Management

The sharing of patient data between first responders, doctors, and medical establishments is more important than ever before – An emergency room doctor can now be fully briefed on a patient coming into their trauma bay and be prepared with the most accurate, up to date information. A primary care provider can easily share their knowledge with a specialist that they must refer a patient to and fully inform them of that patient’s specific condition and symptoms. 

Philips is helping to pave the way on this innovative path with its Intellispace Corsium Data Management Software, a web-based application that lets the users share data and collaborate in real time. 

The Intellispace Corsium platform features two-way communication and data sharing of readings like ECGs and vital signs, with all information being encrypted and secure. Diagnoses can be made and instructions transmitted back to the Philips Tempus Pro for emergency personnel operating in the field. Live and historical data can be viewed on a range of devices, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones – all without additional software. 

The Intellispace Corsium platform is continually monitored for data security and managed for full compliance with the patient privacy laws of every country that the platform is utilized in. Intellispace Corsium can receive data from the Philips Tempus Pro Monitor using a variety of channels including Wi-Fi, ethernet, and cellular networks. 

Complete Patient Care with the Philips Tempus ALS

The Philips Tempus LS Manual Defibrillator is a valuable life saving device, but when you add on its valuable accessories, it becomes the centerpiece of a near-comprehensive patient care system. 

Combined with the Philips Tempus Pro, the Tempus ALS Solution is at the future of cardiac monitoring and resuscitation.

For more information on the Philips Tempus ALS system or other reliable Philips healthcare products, contact Penn Care, your authorized distributor for Philips medical supplies and equipment.