NCE Smart Mount System: 360 Degrees of Freedom

Whether it’s inside an ambulance or in an emergency room, medical providers and first responders need their equipment and medical devices close at hand. It’s not just a matter of convenience, but a matter of life and death when seconds count, which is especially true when a patient is suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. 

That’s where the NCE Smart Base mounting system comes in – its smart mount design allows for full access and complete functionality of the Philips Tempus Pro AED Monitor, when used in conjunction with the Philips SMART Mount.  

Features of the NCE Smart Base

The NCE Smart Base is designed to hold the Philips Tempus Pro Monitor with the Philips SMART Mount. There’s no assembly required! The NCE Smart Base arrives ready to be mounted. It’s simple to install – just use the included screws to attach the NCE Smart Base onto an appropriate surface, whether that’s in an emergency room or an ambulance

The product features smooth, one-handed operation and a simple, one-touch lock to keep it secured in place. When unlocked, the NCE Smart Base has a full 360 degrees of rotation. Valuable patient data ,such as blood pressure, can be easily viewed, no matter the position of the emergency medical personnel. No part of the monitor’s touchscreen or connectors are obscured or otherwise hindered by the NCE Smart Base. 

With the Philips SMART Mount, the Philips Tempus Pro slides onto the NCE Smart Base smoothly, and the base’s quick release mechanism allows the monitor to be removed with the same ease. With one simple motion, the NCE Smart Base allows a Philips Tempus Pro monitor to accompany a patient in real time from a prehospital setting to hospital care, if necessary. It’s also simple to clean and decontaminate because of its durable stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and plastic construction. With the Philips Tempus Pro Monitor detached, the NCE Smart Base stands only 8 inches tall, so it won’t interfere with any lifesaving procedures. The NCE Smart Base is proudly manufactured in the United States of America and conforms to SAE J3043 standards. 

About SAE J3043

SAE International is a professional association and standards-developing body for engineers working in various industries. SAE J3043 is the set of procedures devised to evaluate the integrity of a mounting device or system when subjected to a front or side impact. It is meant to provide manufacturers with criteria to ensure that equipment mounting devices meet the same standards across the entire industry. 

Any unsecured piece of equipment can be hazardous to the occupants of a vehicle in the event of a collision. This is especially true for ambulances and other emergency vehicles due to their nature and the amount of items they contain. NCE Smart Bases help to alleviate some of the risk by keeping essential equipment fastened. 

The Tempus Pro Monitor

The Philips Tempus Pro Monitor is part of the complete Philips Tempus ALS system, which also includes the Philips Tempus LS defibrillator. It features a 6.5-inch color display that’s easily readable even in daylight. All of the monitor’s functions can be controlled via touch screen menus that can be operated with gloved hands. Additional features include a 4.3-inch thermal printer and an integrated camera. The rechargeable lithium ion battery provides over ten hours of battery life with the screen brightness at sixty percent or up to fourteen hours of battery life with battery saving mode activated. 

Other features include support for 3, 5, and 12 lead ecgs, with 12 lead interpretation and arrhythmia detection and alarms. Keep an eye on a patient’s blood pressure through non-invasive pressure monitoring with Suntech NiBP technology. Microstream capnography allows for easy assessment of the patient’s CO2 levels. The Tempus Pro Monitor also comes equipped with Masimo Signal Extraction Technology (SET) SpO2 and pulse, as well as optional SET parameters such as SpCO, SpHb, SpMet, and SpOC. A customizable summary record of care can be integrated into an ePCR client, shared via email or exported to USB. There are multiple methods of viewing patient data, including 4 waveform color display. 

The Philips Tempus Pro Monitor is even upgradeable, with access to advanced capabilities such as a video laryngoscope

The Tempus Pro SMART Mount

The Philips Tempus Pro SMART Mount is a docking and charging station for the Philips Tempus Pro Monitor. It features two USB ports and one ethernet port. 

About NCE Empowering Safety

NCE Empowering Safety was founded in 1968 as a manufacturer of defibrillator mounts and a manufacturer and distributor of batteries for the medical industry. With over 50 years of experience in the medical and emergency response industry, their knowledge has made NCE Empowering Safety one of the most reliable sources in America for batteries and defibrillator mounts to keep EMS and healthcare personnel at their best. 

Penn Care: Securing Your EMS Medical Devices

Medical professionals rely on sophisticated equipment to save lives. Now those same professionals can rely on the NCE Smart Base to keep their defibrillator monitor secure. Not only does this piece of equipment help avoid costly repairs or replacement of equipment, but it also prevents injury to both patients and EMS personnel.

Penn Care is proud to provide the expertise it takes to deliver perfection for our valued customers. We aren’t some huge conglomerate; we’re a 50-employee team, backed by firm values, that works relentlessly to deliver the best in emergency medical supplies (from ambulance sales and disaster response equipment to EKG monitors and EMS supplies).

For additional information on the NCE Smart Base Tempus Pro Mount or any other mounting solutions from NCE Empowering Safety, contact Penn Care today! We are your leading source for medical devices and equipment!