Penn Care Delivers 2010 Braun Furion Super Chief Ambulance to Monongalia County EMS

2010 Braun Furion Super Chief Ambulance

Penn Care delivered a 2010 Braun Furion Super Chief ambulance in late December. The recipient of this new ambulance was Monongalia County EMS of Morgantown, West Virginia. Director of Monongalia County EMS, Linda Rudy, worked closely with ambulance sales specialist, Mike Bowman, to receive the new model.

To view images of the 2010 Braun Furion Super Chief ambulance delivered to Monongalia County EMS, click here.

The two main reasons Monongalia County EMS chose the Braun Furion Super Chief ambulance were: 1.) the longevity of the life of the chassis and 2.) the safety that Braun’s SolidBody Construction provides.

The Spartan Furion chassis this ambulance is built on is known for exceeding expectations. Designed specifically for the emergency rescue industry, the Spartan Furion delivers maximum maneuverability and versatility. The 4-door cab offers crews inside unobstructed visibility and can hold up to 6 EMS professionals. There is also adequate storage for emergency equipment needed for reaching the scene prepared and ready for response. It’s a great choice for an ambulance chassis if you’re looking for durability, safety, and comfort. To check out photos and videos of the Spartan Furion, visit Spartan’s website here.

The SolidBody Construction on this model is standard to all Braun ambulances, and is an innovation that puts Braun at the top in the industry for safety. Braun SolidBody ambulances are built as one integrated module from .125″ flat-sheet, marine grade aluminum. The floor, roof, sides and doors are all constructed from brake formed parts with fully welded seams. In the event of an accident, a Braun ambulance will absorb impact, minimizing the transferred impact damage, and adding safety. Since there is no separate extruded frame, the SolidBody also reduces the weight and adds strength to the module. More on Braun’s SolidBody Construction can be found on their website.

We want to thank Monongalia County EMS for their business as well as providing us some great feedback on why they purchased this ambulance! If you are recently purchased an ambulance, please leave a comment on our blog telling us what features made you choose the model you did. We’d love to hear from you!

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