Penn Care Supplies Oxygen to Injured Runners at the Army Ten-Miler

Penn Care Supplies Oxygen to Injured Runners at the Army Ten-Miler penn care supplies oxygen to injured runners at the army ten miler0

The 26th annual Army Ten-Miler was recently held on October 24th in Arlington County, Virginia. The Army Ten-Miler is a race that takes participants on a course that runs through the nation’s capitol and is the third largest race in the world, with 30,000 registered runners. Runners from around the globe come to the capitol to participate in this event, which donates all proceeds to the United States Army’s Morale, Welfare and Recreation Fund. Penn Care Sales Manager Taylor Pease was on hand to help supply oxygen to injured runners and spectators with the Mass Oxygen Distribution System, or MODS.

The Mass Oxygen Distribution System is revolutionizing the way that organizations supply oxygen to a large number of patients in the event of a disaster. This system is portable, easy to set up, and utilizes liquid oxygen, or LOX. LOX costs less than gaseous oxygen and uses ALL of the oxygen volume, whereas gaseous oxygen cylinders only utilize 80% of their volume and are heavy and difficult to transport. Click here to learn more about the MODS.

During the event, Taylor worked in conjunction with the Arlington County Fire Department to set up the MODS near a tent that was used to treat injured runners and spectators. Taylor and two crew members from the fire department were able to unload the MODS unit from its trailer and set up the treatment area in less than 15 minutes. With the MODS unit stationed outside of the treatment tent, a main supply hose ran under the tent to two patient distribution kits, creating the ability to supply oxygen to up to twenty patients. The MODS was used to provide oxygen for injured runners and spectators throughout the day. The army doctors manning the station were impressed with the system and noted how easy the unit was to set up and how efficiently it operated.

This year’s race was won by the United States Army team, who dethroned the three time defending champion Brazilian team. Alene Reta from Ethiopia had the best overall finish, with a time of 47 minutes, 10 seconds. The event was a tremendous success, helping to promote health and wellness, build morale and enhance community relations. Penn Care was proud to donate time and the use of the MODS for this great event. Congratulations to everyone who participated and helped to support the Army Ten-Miler.

Click here to view photos from the event

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