Vest Kit, NIMS/ICS Facility Command,

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Vest kit designed to meet the needs for the private sector for disaster preparedness.

SKU #: 05-11646D

Dynamic Vest

By: Disaster Management Systems  |  MPN: DMS-05306D
SKU #: 05-11646W

Window Vest

By: Disaster Management Systems  |  MPN: DMS-05306W


Designed to Meet the Needs of the Private Sector
Combined with ICS training, any group of dedicated personnel can design and implement functional, stand alone preparedness and response plans that can merge seamlessly with local emergency services upon their arrival.

Key Features:
► ANSI II Compliant
► One Size Fits Most
► Synthetic Nylon, Break-Away Vests
► High-Glow ANSI Reflective Stripes

Kit Contents:
• 11 Dynamic Position Vests
• 11 Responsibility Cards
• 11 Clipboards & Pens
• Durable Carry Bag

Vest Positions Included:
• Facility Incident Commander
• Facility Public Information Officer
• Facility Safety Officer
• Facility Liaison Officer
• Facility Operations Chief
• Facility Plans Chief
• Facility Logistics Chief
• Facility Finance Chief
• Facility Search & Rescue Group Supervisor
• Facility Medical Group Supervisor
• Facility Employee Check In/Out Group Supervisor

Window Vests: Window vests allow you the versatility to create your own positions when needed.
Window Vest Key Features:
► ANSI II Compliant Design
► All Nylon Construction
► Easy-On and Easy-Off
► Machine Washable
► One Size Fits Most
► Synthetic Paper Placard for All-Weather Operation

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