FASPLINT HALFBACK Compact Vacuum Splint for Patient Stabilization

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Spinal Splinting in a Compact, Comfortable and Cost-Effective Vacuum Splint

SKU #: 09-48430

No Carry Case

By: Hartwell Medical  |  MPN: FSH 1000
SKU #: 09-4843CC

With Carry Case

By: Hartwell Medical  |  MPN: FSH 1500
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With Carry Case and Standard Pump

By: Hartwell Medical  |  MPN: FSH 3000


This new addition to the FASPLINT® family of products provides fast, effective and comfortable stabilization at a budget friendly price. Designed to be used in conjunction with any rigid patient transfer device like a backboard or a CombiCarrierII®, this splint provides spinal splinting from the head to the hips. In contrast to conventional methods, the FASPLINT HALFBACK® stabilizes the patient’s head, neck and torso as one unit.
This vacuum splint molds to the exact shape of each patient’s body to support and restrict movement without applying pressure that can lead to pressure sores and soft tissue damage. The FASPLINT HALFBACK is ideal for transporting seniors, patients with kyphosis whose spine curvature does not allow them to lie flat on a board, elderly patients with hip fractures, pediatric patients who need additional torso support and any patient with a suspected spinal injury. The smaller profile, tapered design allows it to be rolled or folded for compact storage. The FASPLINT HALFBACK is the most cost-effective way to treat patients without sacrificing the best in care.

• Stabilizes a patient in the position most comfortable for them
• Ideal for geriatric and pediatric patients
• Provides “Spinal Splinting” which stabilizes the head, neck and torso as one unit
• Alleviates pressure point pain and vastly increases patient comfort when used with a backboard
• Polystyrene beads act as thermal insulator to help maintain body temperature
• Compact, tapered design accommodates your budget and small storage spaces
• Low initial cost, re-useable and easy to clean – the FASPLINT HALFBACK is a very low cost per use device

Product Details

The FASPLINT HALFBACK Vacuum Splint is easy to use and provides a comfortable, compact, and cost-effective vacuum splint. Proper spine stabilization can be a matter of life or death. When combined with a CombiCarrierII backboard or any other rigid patient transfer device, this vacuum splint provides effective stabilization while keeping patient comfort in mind.

Don’t let pricing issues keep you from providing the best patient care. The FASPLINT HALFBACK by Hartwell Medical is incredibly cost effective, especially when compared to other immobilizers, and includes options with a convenient carry case. You can also purchase the FASPLINT HALFBACK with the vacuum pump (the vacuum pump is reliable and guaranteed for the life of the product). This splint is also re-usable, easy to clean, and can withstand years of use, so you do not have to replace it frequently. No matter what patient handling device you are using, this splint can be adapted to any of them.

Benefits of the FASPLINT HALFBACK Vacuum Splint

Not only is this vacuum splint at a budget-friendly price, it is designed with patient care in mind. This splint provides spinal splinting from the head to the hips. As compared to conventional methods, this splint stabilizes the patient’s head, neck and torso as one unit. Due to the nature of this particular splint, it molds to the exact shape of each patient’s body for support, yet restricts movement without applying pressure like other immobilizers. Keeping the patient supported without applying increased pressure prevents sores and soft tissue damage from excessive pressure.

While immobilization is the most important role of a spinal splint, proper patient care should also involve their comfort. Backboard’s can be extremely uncomfortable, making it difficult for the patient to relax and not move. Since the FASPLINT HALFBACK conforms to the patient, it allows for a more gentle splint that allows them to lay still by alleviating pressure point pain. With the entire patient stabilized as one unit, the risk of unnecessary movement is eliminated.The FASPLINT HALFBACK is also made with polystyrene beads as a thermal insulator to maintain the patient’s body temperature and prevent hypothermia. When used in an EMS vehicle, the material reduces vibrations from irregular road conditions so the patient can remain stabilized and comfortable during transport.

Using the FASPLINT HALFBACK Vacuum Splint

The FASPLINT HALFBACK is perfect to use for any type of patient: pediatric, geriatric, orthopedic, elderly patients with hip fractures, patients with kyphosis or any kind of spine curvature that prevents lying flat on a board, and especially any patient with a suspected spine injury. When immobilization is critical to a patient’s safety, it is crucial to have the proper splint in place. Since the FASPLINT HALFBACK molds to the patient’s body, it is the most versatile option for any EMS situation. This trusted medical product is reusable, easy to clean, and compact to fit into small spaces within emergency response vehicles.

For more immobilization needs, also checkout Hartwell Medical LLC’s FASPLINT FULLBODY splint.

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