Simulated Blood Power,


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Simulaids Simulated Blood Powder for use with casualty simulation manikins. Makes 1 gallon.

SKU #: 06-487425

Makes 1 Gallon

By: Simulaids  |  MPN: 800-225


Simulated Blood Powder Package is made for use with casualty simulation manikins during training of lifeguards and other safety professionals. This 1 pack of simulated powder contains enough powder to make up to one gallon of regular consistency, freshly exposed blood – just mix with water. The required solution can be thinned or thickened by using less or more water. This easy to make simulated blood powder works as a useful training aid for medical students, rescue professionals and film & television artists for adding a realistic feel to training and performances. It can be an ideal solution to showcase mass casualty simulation.

This formula will wash off skin, moulages and clothing except wool. 

May leave permanent stains on human hair, wood floors and other materials.

Please note: Not intended for human consumption DO NOT put in mouth