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A concentrated carbohydrate gel specifically designed to aid diabetics after an onset of hypoglycemia.

• 07-056931 Single 24g Tube
• 07-056945 Glucose 3 pack

SKU #: 07-056931


By: Valeant Pharmaceuticals  |  MPN: 0746310
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A concentrated carbohydrate gel specifically designed to aid diabetics after an onset of hypoglycemia.

• 07-056931 Single 24g Tube
• 07-056945 Glucose 3 pack

Product Details

Insta-Glucose Gel from Bausch Health (formerly Valeant Pharmaceuticals) is a convenient, easy-to-administer oral gel exclusively for the treatment of low blood sugar. It is available without a doctor’s prescription, and is a concentrated carbohydrate gel composed of 40% dextrose in a lightweight, durable tube that’s simple to have on hand in case of diabetic hypoglycemia. Some common symptoms of diabetic hypoglycemia to be aware of include: sudden sweating, cold skin, irritability, blurred vision, and dizziness.

Diabetic hypoglycemia can strike without warning, so it’s a good idea to always be prepared. The 24-gram Insta-Glucose gel tube delivers 24 grams of carbohydrates, or 96 calories per tube. The great tasting cherry flavor and gel consistency makes Insta-Glucose easy to swallow and quick to be absorbed by the body. Oral glucose gel is easier to swallow than glucose tablets, with no waiting for tablets to dissolve.

Using Insta-Glucose Gel

In order to administer Insta-Glucose gel, first remove the cap. Then slowly and evenly squeeze the entire contents of the tube into the mouth and swallow. Wait ten minutes for the Insta-Glucose oral glucose gel to take effect. If possible, check blood glucose levels.

If there is no change in condition, repeat the process with another tube of gel. If the symptoms do not improve within twenty minutes, if they get worse, or if you think there may be a serious medical problem developing, contact a healthcare provider immediately. It’s not known if this product passes to breast milk, so consult your doctor if you are breastfeeding.

Insta-Glucose concentrated carbohydrate gel should only be taken orally, and should only be used as directed according to the instructions on the package. Use this product in a well-ventilated area. If you are unable to swallow, do not take Insta-Glucose gel. In case of an allergic reaction, get emergency help immediately. Consult a healthcare professional if you are experiencing other unintended side effects. This product should be stored at room temperature, away from moisture and direct light. Keep Insta-Glucose out of the reach of children.

Insta-Glucose gel comes in a single 31 gram tube, or can be ordered in a convenient pack of 3 so you can have one available with other diabetic supplies at all times! Keep one in the car, at work, or at school.

Diabetic hypoglycemia can happen anywhere and anytime. When your blood sugar levels become too low, make sure to have Insta-Glucose gel on hand.

Product Information/Additional Information
• Available in a 31-gram tube or 3 pack of 24-gram tubes
• 24-gram tubes deliver 24 grams of carbohydrates, or ninety-six calories
• Easy to swallow
• Fast acting, rapidly absorbed glucose gel consistency
• Cherry flavored
• Acts faster than glucose tablets
• Starts instantly
• One tube is one treatment

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