Manikin, Simulaids ALS Trauma Head


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The ALS Trauma Head takes multitasking during airway maintenance to the highest level.

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By: Simulaids  |  MPN: 101-069


The Trauma Head upgrade is the most economical way to add challenges to your airway maintenance curriculum when used in conjunction with our ALS Trainer, Adult Airway Trainer, and BLS Trainer.

Provides training in critical thinking and its application for traumatized airway victims using the following features: tongue swelling, laryngospasm, small mouth opening, restricted jaw movement, two external bleeding locations, and one internal location. The cricothyrotomy feature has replaceable neck skins which allow for economical, multiple applications. The airway will accept all commonly used field devices such as ET, LT, Combitube, LMA, EOA, NPA, and OPA adjuncts. Anatomical landmarks include teeth, tongue, uvula, epiglottis, vocal chords, trachea, and larynx.

The neck snaps and quick disconnect couplers on the bronchial and esophageal tubes allow quick and easy change over from the basic intubation head that comes on our ALS Trainer, Adult Airway Trainer, and BLS Trainer.

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