Male Urinal, Portable with Cover

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◦ Our urinals have a splash-proof lid and store on their side, preventing accidental tipping and spilling
◦ Graduated in ounces and milliliters
◦ Measured volume of 32-oz./1,000 ml

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These urinals have a splash-proof lid and store on their side, preventing accidental tipping and spilling. Graduated in ounces and milliliters. Measured volume of 32-oz./1,000 ml.

Product Details

This portable male urinal from Medline makes bladder evacuation easy for incapacitated, disabled, or otherwise bedridden male patients. This product is ideal for patients who may be recovering from surgery and whose lack of mobility is only temporary, patients that suffer from a chronic condition that partially or totally hampers their mobility, or patients who suffer from urinary incontinence.

By comparison, the use of bedpans or portable commodes can result in unintentional spillage and can be stressful for both patients and caregivers. Likewise, adult diapers, bed liners, and super absorbent pads can hold waste next to the patient’s skin for extended periods of time, causing unnecessary irritation. Medline’s portable male urinals are cleaner, keep patients happier, and improve the overall sense of well-being and independence.

Benefits of the Portable Male Urinal
With a portable male urinal, male patients can easily urinate while remaining in bed or in a wheelchair with less risk of spills or mess. The contoured handle easily attaches to the bed rails of most models of health care facility beds, and can be easily grasped by most patients in order to complete urination independently.

The urinal is constructed of clear plastic for easy visualization of the contents for urine collection and for monitoring of patient hydration. The large capacity of thirty-two ounces reduces the risk of overflowing onto the patient, and Medline’s product features easy-to-read graduation marks molded into the plastic for quick measuring of contents.

This male urine bottle also has a splash-proof lid that reduces odors with its special deodorizer design. The offset design of the opening allows this men’s urinal to be stored on its side, preventing accidental tipping. It is constructed of latex-free plastic to be safe for individuals who may have a latex allergy.

Medline’s male urinal is appropriate for both healthcare and home settings. Since it is designed for in-bed use, it reduces the chance of falls if a patient needs to use the toilet during the night. The use of this type of urinal system can also eliminate the need for a catheter, which often leaves patients more prone to urinary tract infections. Add this portable urinal to a patient’s daily living aids or medical supplies to improve their outlook and quality of life.

The portable male urinal can be purchased as a single unit or in a case with a quantity of 50 and is shipped non-sterile. This urinal is not unisex, and is intended for male patients only. Penn Care also carries female urinals.

Male Urinal Product Features:

• Volume of 32 ounces, 1000 milliliters
• Graduation marks in ounces and milliliters
• Splash-proof lid
• Spill-proof design
• Clear plastic for easy viewing
• Latex-free plastic construction
• Disposable
• Available as a single unit or qty of 50