LIFEPAK, CR Plus Charge-Pak Replacement Kit, 1 Battery Charger,

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Replacement Kit for CHARGE-PAK Battery Charger. Compatibility: LIFEPAK CR Plus and LIFEPAK EXPRESS

SKU #: 03-125302

2 Sets of Pads

By: Phyiso Control  |  MPN: 11403-000001
Stocked Item
SKU #: 03-12532

1 Set of Pads

By: Phyiso Control  |  MPN: 11403-000002
Stocked Item

Common Additions:

SKU #: 03-49756

Defibrillator Electrode, Physio Infant/Child Reduced Energy -

By: Phyiso Control  |  MPN: 1101-000016
Stocked Item
SKU #: 03-486421

Physio-Control Lifepak CR plus/ Express Wall Mount -

By: Phyiso Control  |  MPN: 11210-000021
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An all-in-one kit for the LIFEPAK CR Plus AED


• 1 set electrodes (11403-000002) or 2 sets of electrodes (11403-000001)
• 1 battery charger which is essentially a new battery pkg/ replacement since it’s “built it”
• 1 discharger for safe disposal of used Charg-Pak
• set of instructions

Important Note:
The LIFEPAK CR Plus/LIFEPAK EXPRESS defibrillation electrode pads and battery charger are sold only as a kit and are not available as separately orderable items. Both the battery/charger and defibrillation electrode pads are replaced simultaneously either upon use or expiration. We ensure the expiration dates of both components in this kit are exactly the same.

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