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MidKnight black nitrile gloves from MicroFlex are a unique black examination glove designed to mask the toughest of stains while providing the durability, comfort and protection typical of nitrile gloves.

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SKU #: 08-0960L
Large, Box of 100
By: Microflex  |  MPN: MK-296-L
case of 10 boxes
SKU #: 08-0960M
Medium, Box of 100
By: Microflex  |  MPN: MK-296-M
case of 10 boxes
SKU #: 08-0960S
Small, Box of 100
By: Microflex  |  MPN: MK-296-S
case of 10 boxes
SKU #: 08-0960XL
XLarge, Box of 100
By: Microflex  |  MPN: MK-296-XL
case of 10 boxes
SKU #: 08-0960XXL
XXLarge, Box of 100
By: Microflex  |  MPN: MK-296-XXL
case of 10 boxes


MidKnight black nitrile gloves from MicroFlex are a unique black examination glove designed to mask the toughest of stains while providing the durability, comfort and protection typical of nitrile gloves.

MidKnight black nitrile gloves are fully textured for superior grip and do not have the associated risks of natural rubber latex allergic response. It is the black nitrile glove of choice for people who demand uncompromising quality and protection and is recommended for use in industries such as law enforcement, tattoo, funeral, correctional facilities, automotive and industrial safety.

MidKnight™ black nitrile gloves from MicroFlex are a perfect choice when day-to-day hazards require the combination of durability and consistency, working environments demand firm grip and reliability, and precise contact requires enhanced tactile sensitivity.

Benefits of MidKnight Black Nitrile Gloves:
• They are thicker, stronger and more elastic than most other exam gloves.
• They are highly resistant to many chemicals, including acids and alkalis.
• They are ambidextrous and come in all sizes: small to extra-large.
• These nitrile gloves are custom molded.
• They have a superior fit and offer tactile sensitivity with no finger fatigue.
• They provide a secure grip in handling tools and instruments.
• Meet/exceed ASTM 5151-92 standard for pinhole defect.
• Manufactured in compliance with ISO 9002 quality standards.
• Come in a smooth finish; distinctive Jet Black color camouflages ink stains.
• The are powder-free with lower protein to address some safety & allergy issues.

Palm Thickness: 4.7 mil
Finger Thickness: 5.5 mil

Product Details

When the going gets tough, you need protection that will handle the job. You need the MicroFlex MidKnight nitrile gloves. Working in the medical field exposes you to a number of dangers - even those that you may not see. If you aren't careful, you could end up getting yourself or your teammates hurt. To keep that from happening, you need to make sure you have the right equipment to confidently handle all the tasks you have to take care of. The MidKnight Nitrile gloves are the right ones to tackle your task.

MicroFlex MidKnight Product Features:

• Supreme durability that allows the gloves to outlast the competition.

• A high durability to chemical agents, including acids and alkalis.

• A unique design made to fit your hand perfectly every time.

• Customize the glove size if you need to have a fit made just for you.

• Ambidextrous design with grip marks on both sides of the glove.

• Tactile finger regions that help you combat fatigue and promote blood flow.

• Able to have a high shelf life - even without the powder.


The first thing that you will notice is the high level of durability these gloves offer. MicroFlex knows that a glove that isn't durable is one that will lead you to a disastrous mistake. A powerful glove is one built strong, and these gloves do not disappoint. Made from a powerful elastic substance, the glove will stretch and fit every hand comfortably, while at the same time being tightly meshed and able to withstand physical damage.

Not only are these gloves resistant to physical damage, but they also offer a high level of protection against chemical agents as well. You'll be facing a number of harmful chemicals in your field of work, and having gloves that can stand up to the dangerous elements is an absolute must. The MidKnight Nitrile gloves have a high resistance to such chemicals including acids and alkalis, as well as other materials that you handle while you work around the medical area.

Easy Application

The MicroFlex MidKnight nitrile gloves are ambidextrous. Most work gloves are only made for a particular hand, which can become a problem when you need to quickly grab a pair of gloves to get started on a job. The time wasted could cost you and your company time, money, or even your well-being. The MidKnight Nitrile gloves are specially crafted to help you to avoid this scenario by offering ambidextrous gloves. You know that you have a pair that will fit you every time.

Secure Grip & Response

What helps to make the ambidextrous gloves even better is that they come with superior grip technology. The last thing that you want is to be working with some important tools or dangerous chemicals just to have them slip out of your grasp. The MicroFlex MidKnight Nitrile Gloves keep that from happening thanks to their textured grip on both sides of the glove.

However, they don't lose out on their other abilities, especially when it comes to tactile response. The finger regions of the gloves are strong, but still allow you to feel object as you would if you were touching it with your bare hands. And the best part? There's no finger fatigue like you would get from other gloves. Instead of restricting movement, the MidKnight Nitrile gloves encourage movement and even promote blood flow throughout your fingers. You can work for hours without having hand fatigue.

Powder & Latex-Free

Each pair of MicroFlex MidKnight nitrile gloves come powder and latex-free. This is especially useful for those who have allergies against the proteins found in natrual rubber latex.

The MicroFlex MidKnight nitrile gloves are the gloves you need to help you with all your medical needs. Make sure to order today.

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