Emesis Bag, Eme-Bag Containment System,

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Unique Emesis Containment System Helps Eliminate Spills and Odor

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By: Centurion Medical Products  |  MPN: TS-EMEBAG
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Better than a basin, and much more convenient, the Centurion Eme-Bag® is a closed emesis containment system which traps in odors and helps caregivers and patients avoid unpleasant smells and mess normally associated with emesis.
Ideal For:

• Oncology
• Recovery Room
• Outpatient Clinics
• Pediatrics
• Home Health Care
• Labor and Delivery
• Emergency Department
• Ambulances

Benefits for Caregivers, Hospitals & Patients
• Better than basins – captures vomit completely, helping patients and caregivers avoid smell and mess
• Easy to use – twist closed, hook into notch, and dispose
• Eliminates contact with emesis
• Prevents spills and costly linen changes
• Convenient dispensers available
• Latex free

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