Disaster Evacuation Wristband Tag,


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Military Standard Bar Coding for Tracking & Personal Property Identification

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Special Needs, Pack of 20

By: Disaster Management Systems  |  MPN: DMS-05505
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Pack of 20

By: Disaster Management Systems  |  MPN: DMS-05582

Common Additions:

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Disaster Evacuation Tracking Kit -

By: Disaster Management Systems  |  MPN: DMS-06327


Wristband Tag Features a Barcoded Evacuee Wristband
Each tag has 3 luggage tags with matching barcodes plus 3 stickers with matching barcodes for application to bags or boxes.

► Waterproof / Blood Proof
► Bar Code for Tracking & Property ID
► Engineered for First Responders & FEMA Personnel
► Works in Conjunction with Disaster Evacuation Tracking Kit

Special Needs Evacuation Tags- Method of Categorizing the Degree of Disability
Green for Mild, Yellow for Moderate, Red for Severe in 8 categories. Adhesive backed bands for not only the Evacuee, but for the Service Animal, the Go Bag, Medications Bag and Equipment. Unique, matching bar codes throughout the tag and wristband system for easy match-up of everything associated with that particular Special Needs Evacuee.

• 20 Tags Per Pack