Cricothyrotomy Set, Quicktrach II with Cuff, 4.0mm ID,

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Quicktrach II receives with the cuff, the saftey clip and the special metal needle additional features. Available for adults (I.D. 4 mm).

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Adult Trainer, Non Sterile
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Adult, Sterile


Surgical airway is the ultima ratio for the unsuccessful arm of the emergency pathway. Identifi cation of the “cannot intubate – cannot oxygenate” scenario should result in immediate consideration of surgical airway access. Delays in achieving airway control and oxygenation will lead to hypoxic brain injury.
The incidence level of cricothyrotomy is estimated at approximately 1% of all emergency airway cases.
In order to master a cricothyrotomy in an emergency successfully, training on simulators (see page 33) seems to be indispensable.
VBM provides specific devices for every scenario of the surgical airway, like:
• Surgical airway with Surgicric I and II
• Narrow bore cannula with Jet-Ventilation Catheters and Manujet III
• Wide bore cannula with Quicktrach I,II and Surgicric III

• Fast and safe airway in case of upper airway obstruction
• Sterile sets are preassembled and immediately ready for use
• Specially grinded needle tip makes prior incision via scalpel unnecessary and reduces the risk of bleeding
• Stopper prevents needle from being inserted too deep to reduce the risk of posterior tracheal wall perforation
• Fixation tape allows a fast and safe fixation
• Quickest airway access via one-step procedure
• Thin cuff seals the trachea and allows efficient ventilation with aspiration protection
• Stopper and safety clip reduce the risk of posterior tracheal wall perforation
• Anatomically shaped cannula adjusts to the trachea due to “memory effect”

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