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MACS is the Next Generation CPAP System for EMS Ground / Air Transport

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Adult/Pediatric CPAP patient circuit, 6' with Large Mask and Head Strap

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Start Up Kit

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MACS CPAP system works with your patient providing low spontaneous work of breathing compared to disposable CPAP mask options, and delivers a better patient experience with critical care delivery. MACS is built tough to stand up to EMS in-field rigor. In fact, MACS is rugged enough to withstand the tests required for the US Army Air Worthiness Certification*. These tests represent the harshest tests for any product. MACS is designed for patient application by mask or endotracheal tube. CPAP application for those patients in respiratory distress – congestive heart failure (CHF), asthma, COPD or for any patient with severe breathing difficulty.
Cost Effective CPAP for Critical Life Support
MACS is an easy-to-use, economical mask CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) system. Its demand flow system delivers CPAP without wasting oxygen.
A calibrated knob sets the CPAP level and a switch selects 65% or 100% oxygen. Your per run cost is less due to lower oxygen costs and affordable patient circuits.
MACS supports patients in respiratory distress who would otherwise require intubation. EMS agencies with Mask CPAP protocols have reported a substantial decrease in patient intubations with increased ER stabilization.

• Provides non-invasive or invasive patient support
• Low patient Work of Breathing (WOB) with peak flow of up to 140 L/min to meet patient needs
• 100% or 65% to match patient oxygen requirements
• Low-profile, easy-seal mask reduces facial pressure

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