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Tempus LS Lithium-Ion Battery

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Tempus LS Lithium-Ion Battery

Product Details

The Philips Tempus LS Lithium-Ion Battery powers the Tempus LS manual defibrillator. When it comes to an AED battery, there is no margin of error to account for equipment failure; you need the best battery that lasts.

This lithium-ion option has a long lasting battery life and allows the defibrillator to perform at least 300 shocks at 200J from a fully charged battery. At full charge, the battery can also power over 12 hours of ECG monitoring.

A high-capacity li-ion battery delivers power that lasts. It is a rechargeable battery which can be easily replaced by the user and does not need to go through the distributor for replacement. Lithium-ion batteries have an estimated shelf life of 3-6 years, and even though it is long lasting, the battery is user-friendly when it comes to replacement, unlike many similar products.

Note: only use the charger that is supplied by the distributor. Using a charger made for other battery types may cause harm to the product. Follow local regulations when disposing of old batteries.

This power source is so reliable that from a cold start up, the time to prepare for shock takes less than 15 seconds. This short start up time is crucial in emergency situations. Put it on the charger and the power supply of the battery can be restored to 90% charge in as little as three hours. It takes about nine seconds to charge to 200 J for the first volt. This battery is made of lithium-ion instead of lithium thionyl chloride, which cannot be recharged.

Using the Tempus LS Defibrillator

The Tempus LS is easy to use and connects wirelessly to the Tempus Pro Monitor when in use. All resuscitation data is collected and automatically transferred to the SRoC. Easily transferable, the Tempus LS has docking and charging stations available for all types of vehicles.

Tempus LS Manual Defibrillator Product Details:
• Manual defibrillation only (AED mode available on some models)
• 200J biphasic waveform (BTE)
• Fixed and demand mode pacing
• Synchronous Cardioversion
• Plug-in sensor allows real-time CPR measurement and feedback
• Data export to Tempus Pro via USB
• 3 channel display with toughened color system
• ECG monitoring using pads or 3-Lead via Tempus-Pro compatible
• Audible and ons-screen prompts
• ECG cable is dust tight and protected against water

The Philips Healthcare Tempus LS-Manual Defibrillator can be used in both adult and pediatric modes, with disposable pads for both types of patients. ECG monitoring uses pads or 3-lead via Tempus Pro-compatible ECG cable. With an accuracy rate of ±10%, you can expect a heart rate range of 15-300 beats per minute (bpm) ±5. For the pacer, both fixed and demand modes are provided, including 4-18 ppm ±1.5% range. After shock is provided, the system will automatically revert to asynchronous delivery.

The Philips Tempus LS Lithium-Ion Battery delivers the power needed for the Tempus LS defibrillator. It offers a quick charge and is the trusted battery pack for this rugged, lightweight product.

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