Bandage, Visible Blue MD,

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• Blue Metal Detectable Adhesive bandage comes in a highly visible blue fabric and contains a metallized film in the wound pad for metal detectability
• A special hypoallergenic adhesive helps bandages stick to even moist skin, yet the PTFE coated pad won’t stick to the wound
• Blue color

SKU #: 07-360610

1" x 3" Strip, Box of 25

SKU #: 07-360630

Knuckle, Box of 20

SKU #: 07-360640

Fingertip, Box of 20



Blue adhesive bandages are particularly useful because of their blue color is easily visible in case of loss. Also each bandage contains a metal strip for automatic detection in manufacturing settings. Individually packaged for single use, the bandages come boxed and ready to snap into place in our Workplace and Food Service Cabinets. Each box includes a SmartTab ezRefill indicator tab that alerts you when it’s time to reorder. Protect fingertips while keeping injuries safe during work such as food processing with these blue fingertip adhesive bandages. Treat injuries on knuckles with flexible strips that cushion and protect, yet still provide mobility. The metal detectable bandages are designed to stay firmly in place, keeping any wounds clean and safe.