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The Thomas ALS pack is designed to carry virtually all of the equipment and supplies needed by emergency medical teams

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By: Thomas Transport  |  MPN: TT100


These easy-to-carry, durable medical trauma packs present equipment required for patient care in a logical, systematic manner. Thomas transport packs employ an extremely space-efficient organization for a wide variety of equipment with superb protection of medications and other specialized devices.

Interior compartments, most of which are removable, offer a color-coded storage arrangement for easy organization. Coated cordura¨ nylon with wide-tooth closures, each bag features several spacious pockets, paired soft handles, and backpack configuration for hands-free carrying.

Product Details

The Thomas ALS Transport Pack is one of the top-selling Advanced Life Support (ALS) bags in America. Whether it’s simple first aid or a triage situation with mass casualties, the Thomas ALS Transport Pack ensures that first responders are equipped for any healthcare scenario. With this much space, emergency service members can carry a drug box, IV bags, IV catheters, and extension sets as well as disposable items like swabs, syringes, and electrodes.

The Thomas ALS Transport Pack is lightweight and easy to maneuver, but its internal frame gives it the strength of a hard case. The pack also includes two large exterior pockets, eight color-coded removable sections, and four exterior removable clear vinyl pouches. All removable cases and pouches are securely fastened in the pack to avoid loss of equipment and supplies — while easily removed when needed.

The internal pouches can be removed to customize the bag’s interior, which means that the Thomas ALS Transport Pack can be an intubation pack with an airway section or Basic Life Support (BLS) pack. Additional pockets allow the user to stow personal protective equipment (PPE), such as vinyl or nitrile gloves and face masks.

Other than the bag’s inserts and miscellaneous soft pouches, the bag does not come with any medical equipment.

Medical bags can quickly get dirty from frequent use and constant movement from an emergency vehicle to locations out in the field. An unclean medical bag can become a biohazard issue if contaminated with blood or other bodily fluids. Remember to practice proper infection control and clean your Thomas EMS case frequently. Cleaning your Thomas EMS bag is simple due to its easy-to-clean, modern materials. All you need is mild soap and warm water. If you have stubborn stains, use a soft-bristled brush. Rinse off the Thomas EMS Bag and let it air dry. Using a washing machine is not recommended to clean your Thomas case.

Paramedics’ medical equipment needs to be built to last, and Thomas Transport Packs stands behind all medical supplies they manufacture. That means repairing your bag should it become damaged through the course of its service life. If your Thomas ALS Transport Pack needs repairing, simply remove all of the contents, clean it using the care instructions, and ship it back to Thomas Transport Packs with a list of what needs repairing.

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Product Details
• Weight: 3.3 pounds
• Internal Frame
• Easy to Clean
• Contents Sold Separately
• Available in Orange
• SKU# 14-07610

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