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The G3 BACKUP is a great medical backpack that works exceptionally well in urban or rural areas where “stay and play” medical protocol is used.

Dimensions: 25″ x 18″ x 8.5″ Weight: 6lbs

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Common Additions:

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Cell, StatPacks, G3 Airway, - Green

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Cell, StatPacks, G3 Intravenous, - Blue

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Cell, StatPacks, G3 Medicine, - Red

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Cell, StatPacks, G3 Universal, - Black

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Customizable shelving allows superior organization of virtually any combination of Emergency Medical Equipment and supplies. The advanced harness system helps you tackle daunting flights of stairs and hard-to-reach accident scenes safely and with free hands.

Medical Backpack Product Details
• Contents NOT included
• Unique design allows access to the main compartment from the front of this Medical Backpack
• Specifically designed to hold StatPacks Generation 3 Emergency Medical Services Kits; including all StatPacks® First Aid QuickRoll intubation, Remedy, and Circulatory kits 
• QuickZip access to front compartment for quick access to Emergency Medical Equipment 
• Tarpaulin bottom panel for protection from abrasion and the elements
 • Removable waist belt
• Added more durable reflective material that has a protective outer mesh cover which shields it from wear and tear. Helps with visibility in nighttime situations (Not included in Tactical Black) Removable adjustable inside divider(s) for customized organization
• Foam molded shoulder straps that allow for comfortable transport of most emergency medical equipment
 • Internal Velcro® lining strips to secure modules or other Velcro® compatible items to secure ambulance equipment
 • LED light Attachment point (lights sold separately)
• Unique foam lined design keeps all Emergency Medical Equipment inside protected from breakage or the elements 
• Side pockets for easy access to vital sign tools, bandages, and smaller ambulance equipment
• A quick stash pocket for trash and extra supplies located in the top pocket
 • ID window to label any way you want to identify between other Medical Backpack 
• Main fabric is a non-toxic PVC-free tarpaulin. An environmentally friendly fabric featuring easy-clean, pathogen and water resistant properties. 
• Available Colors: Red, Blue, Green, and Tactical Black 
• Dimensions: 25″ x 18″ x 8.5″ Weight: 6lbs

Product Details

The StatPacks G3 Backup bag is a versatile medical backpack for EMTs during occasions when on-site care is a priority. It is designed to fit the Statpacks Generation 3 line of modules, such as First Aid QuickRoll Intubation Kit, Circulatory Kit, and Remedy Kit, as well as the stackable Cellular System.

The padded shoulder straps allow for comfortable transportation of most emergency medical equipment, and the advanced harness system’s unique design makes the G3 Backup easy to transport, even over long distances or up many flights of stairs. The removable waist belt provides additional stability.

Benefits of the G3 Backup Bag
The G3 Backup is specifically designed for the StatPacks Cell System and accommodates all StatPacks modules in many different configurations, with enough room left over for additional equipment. It holds all versions of the StatPacks Generation 3 Emergency Medical Services Cells.

Using the G3 Universal Cell System, emergency medical personnel can customize the bag for different situations by using modules such as the StatPacks G3 medicine cell, G3 airway cell, or the G3 intravenous cell. The bag is also large enough to accommodate a D or Jumbo D oxygen cylinder. Side pockets allow for additional storage, and the sturdy side handle can be used to carry the bag for when you need to make a quick exit.

The tarpaulin bottom panel adds additional protection from abrasion and the elements. This durable, reflective material has a protective outer mesh cover that shields it from wear and tear and also helps with visibility in nighttime or low light situations. (The reflective material does not come on the tactical black version of the G3 Backup.)

An LED light attachment point also allows for additional illumination. *Note that this bag does not come with an LED light.

The interior of the bag employs internal velcro lining strips as well as removable inside dividers for customized organization. A unique foam lined design keeps all emergency medical equipment inside protected from breakage or the elements, and a quick stash pocket, located in the bag’s top pocket in the bag’s interior, can be used for catheters, or medication, as well as other medical supplies.

The front of this medical backpack also has quickzip access to the interior., and an ID window lets the user label their bag to differentiate it with other backpacks. The main fabric of the G3 Backup is tarpaulin with a one ounce urethane coating for easier cleaning and protection against blood-borne pathogens (BBPs). This bag has four available colors: Red, Blue, Green, and Tactical Black.

For related products, such as other trauma bags manufactured by StatPacks, check out the G3 Perfusion Bag, the G3 Clinician Bag, and the G3 Responder Bag.

Product Details: G3 Backup Bags
• Foam-lined Interior
• Interior Velcro Strips
• Customizable Shelving
• LED Light Attachment Point (Light sold separately)
• Non-toxic PVC-free Tarpaulin Construction
• Urethane Coated for Easy Cleaning
• ID Window to Identify Different Bags
• Quick Access Pocket on the Inside
• Weighs 6 lbs.