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Compact oxygen bag with one-hand opening for D sized tank and accessories, including a separate suction pump bag. 

SKU #: 14-5994LG
By: PAX  |  MPN: 20111-03-07
SKU #: 14-5994ME
By: PAX  |  MPN: 20110-03-07


Compact oxygen bag with one-hand opening for D sized tank and accessories, including a separate suction pump bag. 

Dimensions: 12.8″ H x 22″ W x 8″ D (Medium)
Dimensions: 12.8″ H x 22″ W x 12″ D (Large)
Weight: 5 lbs (Medium)
Weight: 6 lbs 7 oz (Large)

Product Details

An oxygen emergency is one of the most serious events that emergency medical services (EMS) personnel can encounter. Whether it’s from an injury, a medical condition, or an allergic reaction, the victim must receive oxygen immediately. The PAX Compact Oxygen Bag is the perfect solution to quickly transport an oxygen tank with intubation supplies and other diagnostic tools to the scene.

This unique and compact bag provides ample space and quick access to an oxygen cylinder and airway supplies. The center compartment opens up into two parts (both marked for easy identification) to separate the oxygen cylinder on one side from the inner storage compartment on the opposite side. Resuscitation bags, masks, demand valves, and other medical supplies can be accessed with no delay from the side pouch. The PAX Compact Oxygen Bag is large enough to easily accommodate one D-size oxygen cylinder with two adjustable straps to secure it.

The PAX Compact Oxygen bag is available in three sizes: medium (SKU 14-5994LG), large (SKU 14-5994ME), and extra-large (SKU 14-5994XL). Each size comes with removable shoulder straps and a side pocket. The accessory compartment offers space for a suction pump, such as an Ambu Twin, Laerdal suction unit, or Manuvac.

The bag is constructed of sturdy Pax-Tec material, which is a mixture of polyester fibers and polyurethane. The polyester fibers give the bag strength to handle tough environments that paramedics and EMS workers endure. Polyurethane makes the bag’s outer shell smooth and easy to clean or sanitize. Additionally, the PAX Compact Oxygen Bag is entirely free of PVC and latex, so there’s less risk of allergic reactions.

Oxygen cylinders are not included with the PAX Compact Oxygen Bag and are sold separately. PAX bags come with a five-year warranty through the manufacturer.

We also carry additional PAX emergency backpacks, first aid, and basic life support (BLS) bags, such as “The Pharmacy Module” Large Ampoule Holder and “The Koup” Wasserkuppe Backpack.

Since 1997, PAX has been making rescue products for first responders all over the world using the strongest materials and quality workmanship. Before they’re delivered, PAX products (including the PAX Compact Oxygen Bag) go through extensive tests to ensure they make quality benchmarks. The test procedures and practical tests at PAX are designed to meet the highest standards because they want to deliver a product that is innovative, convenient, and long-lasting.

Product Details
• Holds one D-size oxygen cylinder
• Integrated carry handles for easy transportation
• Made of Sturdy Pax-Tec material
• Easy to clean and sanitize
• PVC and Latex-free
• Five-year warranty
• Dimensions in inches: 12.8" H x 22" W x 8" D (Medium), 12.8" H x 22" W x 12" D (Large), 11.8" H x 27.8" W x 12" D (X Large)
• Weight: 5 lbs (Medium), 6 lbs 7 oz (Large), 6 lbs 8 oz (X Large)
• Contents not included

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