International TerraStar Chassis Outperforms

International’s TerraStar chassis is the product of roughly 100 years of chassis manufacturing experience. Engineered to be the best in class, the TerraStar chassis was put to a real-world test against its competitors by a disinterested group of 3rd party trucking professionals. During this testing, the TerraStar went toe-to-toe with the Dodge Ram 4500/5500 and the Ford F-450/550.

Braun Super Chief on the International TerraStar Chassis
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Click to read the full chassis comparsion report

The medium-duty TerraStar chassis from International had so many benefits over its competitors that it ended up being the chassis of choice for Braun Ambulance’s Super Chief. The chassis beat out its competitors in frame and axle rating due to its high-strength steel rails rated at 80,000 PSI. These are the highest strength rails in class and the highest possible axle loads for both the rear and front axles.

Further, the standard electrical system on the TerraStar has made the circuits easier to design and work on. Adding any equipment into the electrical system of the chassis is much more simple than most other chassis on the market thanks to the Diamond Logic Application Solution.

The exhaust equipment makes any up fitting easier and helps save on post-production costs. Most importantly, the TerraStar also doesn’t need any liquid urea added to its MaxxForce engine. This is significant considering many ambulances need this solution in order to pass emissions standards.

Every feature of this chassis is enhanced by International’s reputation for producing quality vehicles. It’s easy to see that when you need a reliable, tough, and cost efficient chassis on a first-rate ambulance, then the TerraStar International chassis is not only up for the task it was absolutely built for it!

Do you own a TerraStar and has it exceeded your expectations on what an ambulance chassis should be? Care to disagree? We’d love to hear your comments below.


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