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Speed Stretcher is a flexible easily conveyable alternative to back boarding.

SKU #: 12-5178OR
By: R&B Fabrication  |  MPN: 183OR

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SKU #: 12-52392F
By: HDT Expeditionary Systems, Inc  |  MPN: RS00002F


This Speed Stretcher is a flexible easily conveyable alternative to back boarding. The design is Ergonomic, strong and durable. It is constructed using 22 oz. heavy-weight vinyl with hardwood oak slats positioned between two layers of material for superior strength. PVC hand grips provide a secure hold while three 2” polypropylene webbing straps with side-release buckles keep the patient secure. The Speed Stretcher’s vinyl construction makes it easy to clean with soap and water, while also being very resistant to chemicals.

Weight capacity of 700 lbs.
Open Dimensions: 78″L x 28″W
Closed Dimensions: 58″L x 6″W

This weighs 15 lbs. and is available in orange or black.

Product Details

The Reeves Speed Stretcher is an excellent alternative to using a backboard. This flexible stretcher combines 22-ounce heavyweight vinyl, hardwood oak slats, and layers of material. These three combine to provide superior strength, with a patient weight capacity of 700 pounds.

This conveyable patient transport device is both ergonomic and heavy-duty. Its PVC hand grips make patient handling easy. Three 2-inch polypropylene webbing straps and easy-to-use side-release buckles keep the patient secure.

Its vinyl construction makes it chemical-resistant and easy to clean with soap or other disinfectants. Decontamination is crucial to safely reuse the device. Disinfect the stretcher between use for personal protection from any biohazard risks — and to avoid spreading infection among patients. Care providers should always wear PPE.

Immobilization devices are used in EMS situations for many reasons. Backboards and immobilization devices are critical for safe transport and to prevent further complications when neck or spinal injuries are identified during triage. They are commonly used in the handling of mass casualty events. Flexible stretchers are best for complicated patient extrication. The flexibility allows first responders to rescue patients safely while maintaining a reliable weight capacity.

Reeves Speed Stretcher Product Details
• Available in Black or Orange
• Product Weight: 15 lbs
• Weight Capacity = 700 lbs
• Open Dimensions: 78” L x 28” W
• Closed Dimensions: 58” L 6” W
• SKU #: 12-51780R
• Replacement Buckles Available (SKU #: 12-52392F)

The Reeves Speed Stretcher is just one part of an essential EMS first aid kit. Penn Care has all your EMS supplies needs, including the Ferno brand of pediatric immobilization devices, AEDs (automated external defibrillator), catheters, laryngoscope blades, splints, tourniquets, blood pressure supplies, airway management tools, and more.

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