Optimize Your Fire Operations with Integrated Fire & EMS Data Management 

  • NFIRS reporting
  • Single-incident Fire/EMS reporting
  • Fully customizable
  • National Firefighter Operations Reporting System (NFORS)
  • Length of Service Awards Program (LOSAP)
  • Document investigation activity and link to NFIRS incidents
  • Create and manage personnel information and certifications
  • Manage inspection schedules and hydrants
  • Schedule and track vehicle maintenance and equipment
  • Maintain permits, violations and pre-incident planning

A Deeper Dive into ZOLL Fire Reports

 Fire Reporting & Operations Management

ZOLL Fire Reports pulls data from multiple sources, integrating information from inspectors, EMS professionals, incident commanders and hydrant inspectors. Automated fire/EMS incident reporting ensures NFIRS and HIPAA compliance and supports NFORS analytics. Track communication in real-time to improve incident response time and crew safety from any device, using a single log-in.

Reduce Data Entry & Report Completion Times

ZOLL Data Systems’ fire department management solution is all-inclusive. All modules of the solution are tightly integrated to minimizes redundant data entry and report completion times. ZOLL Fire Reports reduces the cost associated with administrative services so that you can focus on life-saving operations.

Collect the Data that Is Important to You

ZOLL Fire Reports is a complete solution designed to manage all aspects of small and large fire departments with customization at the users fingertips. Easily configure the software to view and collect the data that is important to your organization based on your department’s needs all without costly programming.

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