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Golden Hour and emsCharts are “The Proven EMS Integration Platform” with over 40 years of combined experience supporting the medical transport industry. emsCharts Gold is a leading clinical charting solution, used for all transport modalities including BLS, ALS, SCT, and Air. The emsCharts Gold platform is cloud-based and HIPAA compliant. The emsCharts Gold Services are comprised of the modules shown below, all of which can be purchased separately. As part of our EMS Integration Platform, emsCharts Gold is designed to allow you to focus on what matters most: Patient Care.

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emsCharts Gold is the result of a collaborative effort between Golden Hour and emsCharts. We took the best of both products and combined them into emsCharts Gold. We also added many new features, enhanced functionality, responsive design, and a new graphical interface to create the premier ePCR platform.


Streamline your on-the-go charting with emsCharts Gold Mobile. emsCharts Gold Mobile allows emergency service personnel to collect electronic patient information in real time by using a tablet PC, a notebook computer, or a Microsoft Surface. This native, secure, and efficient application is a great companion to emsCharts Gold Web interface and facilitates mobile pre-hospital data collection. In addition, all information is uploaded to the emsCharts Cloud in a HIPAA compliant fashion and synchronized to other data associated with the patient transport.


EMS providers can now run emsCharts Gold on either an iOS orAndroid tablet or phone. emsCharts Gold Tablet runs as a native application and puts the power of emsCharts Gold on an easy-to-use tablet. This allows you to perform your pre-hospital charting responsibilities with devices disconnected from the Internet. Once an Internet connection is reestablished, all information is uploaded to the emsCharts Cloud in a HIPAA compliant fashion.


emsCharts has developed an interface to several commercially available Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) products. The emsCharts CAD interface pulls dozens of dispatch fields directly into the patient record, resulting in less time spent entering the information by hand and fewer potential errors.


Save valuable time with the emsCharts Gold EKG interface by automating the import and association of patient vitals and waveforms directly with the emsCharts Gold ePCR. emsCharts Gold EKG is tightly integrated with several web-based monitors and allows automated import of monitor information via the Internet. A physical connection to the monitor is no longer required since the EKG information is passed through an encrypted connection directly through the web and synchronized with the patient chart.


An Emergency Room is a hectic and fast-paced environment, especially when multiple patients are being admitted each hour. emsCharts Gold Export allows us to automatically pull information from the EMS transport record, through the emsCharts Cloud, and post it on a TV monitor within the Emergency Department (ED) so all are informed. This allows clinicians to monitor a patient’s arrival time, method of injury, and criticality so they can properly triage those that require rapid care as well as track which room they have been assigned.


Increase your knowledge of your program with emsCharts Gold Analytics. We have placed a powerful business intelligence capability on top of emsCharts Gold that allows authorized users to turn data and information into knowledge with an easy-to-use one-click interface and simplified reporting. With emsCharts Gold Analytics, you can create and customize your own dashboard with a real-time data feed and an unlimited amount of user defined reports. We also offer online training sessions so you can take advantage of emsCharts Gold Analytic’s full potential.

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