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EMS Software Solution: emsCharts

Penn Care offers the cutting-edge, web-enabled Electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) solution called emsCharts. This software is a comprehensive pre-hospital data collection, analysis, quality assurance and reporting system. Unlike other systems that are capital-intensive and take months to train EMT/Paramedics, this solution requires no capital outlay and EMT/Paramedics are field-ready with 2-4 hours of training. All modules for emsCharts are simple, logical and intuitive to minimize training and optimize speed and accuracy.

While the focus of pre-hospital information management will always be the medical record, emergency care providers and managers have far broader needs. emsCharts provides an agency with a true Intranet – a web site dedicated to improving the information management for an organization.

Product: EMS Charts

The emsCharts suite of software products provides a total solution from dispatch through billing at a flat monthly fee with no large additional investment for hardware and software licenses. Additionally, our suite of products enables you to rapidly acquire and disseminate data to external organizations and 3rd party software using a number of integration techniques.

Modules & Interfaces

Faxing Module

Faxing provides emergency medical personnel with additional options for delivering patient data to hospitals and payers. After transitioning a patient to the hospital, the pre-hospital patient data needs to be delivered to one or multiple recipients. The faxing module enables this data to be transmitted via HIPAA compliant fax.  See more.

PCR Archiving Module

The Patient Record Achiving module allows a service to get an archive copy of all patient care records for a specified time period. The module provides personel ability to choose a date range they would like charts from and then the module will allow them to download, save, and store the data locally. See more.

Geocoding Module

The emsCharts Geocoding module assigns GIS coordinates based on address entered, without the need to import information from 3rd-party sources. After coordinates are assigned, spatial analysis can be performed to map calls, determine average distances, and plot densities of certain types of calls, etc. See more.

Outreach Module

The Outreach module features the innovative TargetingMatrix® – an integrated charting and marketing tool. The Outreach Module can be used to track referral patterns, document customer interactions, assign decision making status, and much more; all resulting in improved business and increased flight requests. See more.

Remote Downloader Module

Once started, the remote downloader service downloads a PCR after it is locked. The downloaded PCR can be printed to a network or local printer, saved as an image, saved as an HTML or PDF file, or saved as an XML representation of the raw data. See more.

Research Module

The research module allows the creation of research studies and involves entering general data about the study, selecting chart criteria to be met, and entering questions. The researcher then invites Services to participate and will be able to see summaries of the responses for each study. See more.

Billing Export Interface

emsCharts can extract pertinent patient and charting information for use by a billing department or third party billing company. Exports to standard billing software eliminates duplicative data entry. To assist in the billing process, administrators can track specialized data points within the PCR. See more.

CAD import Interface

emsCharts contains several Application Programming Interfaces (API) in the form of Web Services allowing third party CAD vendors to send data to emsCharts using XML. Data can then be linked and imported to a new or existing PCR. Dispatch data residing on other systems can also be imported via an XML web service. See more.

State Export Interface

State data exporting ability is included with the emsCharts system at no additional cost. These exports come in the form of ASCII files, XML documents, and Comma Delimited Files. Some state exports can be configured to export data fields automatically to state regulatory agencies. See more.

EKG Import to Mobile Interface

Mobile EKG allows the import of vital sign data, wave forms, and events from the monitor into emsCharts Mobile; thus reducing the time for data entry and further streamlining the process. Ask your emsCharts sales representative for model-specific information and interface availability. See more.

EKG Import to Web Interface

The emsCharts online EKG interface allows the import of vital sign data, wave forms, and events from the monitor directly into your patient record on emsCharts.com.  Ask your emsCharts sales representative for model-specific information and interface availability. See more.

Fire Programs Interface

emsCharts now connects with FirePrograms Software for fire records management. The new interaction between the two products streamlines data entry for Fire Departments that are required to perform EMS incident reporting in addition to fire incident reporting. See more.

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