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A video laryngoscope with single use, disposable blades. Enables quick and easy intubation with clear, real-time vision of the patient’s airway.

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Laryngoscope Blade, King Vision, Disposable, Size 3, - Channeled

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case of 10 eaches
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Laryngoscope Blade, King Vision, Disposable, Size 3, - Standard

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case of 10 eaches


The King Vision® combines the convenience of a durable, reusable video display with an affordable disposable blade. It provides a high quality image of the vocal cords while minimizing soft tissue manipulation.
Kit includes:
• 1 Vision display
• Case
• AAA batteries
• 3 channeled blades
• 1 standard blade

Reusable Display Features:
• Batteries: 3 AAA (Alkaline recommended)
• Battery Life: > 90 min. (Battery status indicator flashes red when batteries need to be changed.)
• Computerized Power Management System: auto shut off, auto white balancing
• Video Aspect Ratio: 4:3
• Video Port: RCA connection to monitor with cable
• Video Refresh Rate: 30 frames per second
• Video Resolution: 320 x 240 (QVGA)
• Video Screen: OLED Display
• Video Screen Size: 6.1cm / 2.4 inch diagonal
• Material: Polycarbonate /ABS anti-reflective coating on display window

Product Details

Provide a full, clear view of a patient's airway with the King Vision Video Laryngoscope. The video laryngoscope utilizes the latest in portable video technology to create a consistent and accruate view with each use. Designed to be reusable, the video laryngoscope uses single-use, disposable blades.

King Vision Video Laryngoscope Product Features:

• Portable Features For Fast, Affordable Care

• High Quality Video Technology

• Durably Built

Reusable For Fast, Affordable Care

The King Vision is designed for clinicians and facilities that are routinely working with patients. Blades for the video laryngoscope are designed to be single-use and disposable.

The blades are available in two different styles: Standard and Channeled. The channeled video layrngoscope blades are made with a special design to provide a shorter time to secure and view the patient's airway.

Not only do the disposable laryngoscope blades allow for easy clean-up and reuse, they are also an economical option for facilities and allow for a low cost per procedure while still providing high performance.

High Quality Video Technology

The King Vision Video Laryngoscope uses an incredibly light weight display that is self contained on the unit. The device is powered through 3 AAA, and has a life of around 90 minutes.

The video aspect ratio on the laryngoscope is 4:3 with a crisp resolution of QVGA with the use of an OLED display. If needed to view on a larger screen, the video laryngoscope has an RCA video port for connecting to monitors through the use of a cable.

Durably Built

The King Vision Video Laryngoscope, with its reusable design, is built durably for that continued reuse.

Each laryngoscope is made in America, with its display being smudge proof and non-glare so that it can be cleaned multiple times and survive normal wear and tear. The display also comes with a 1 year warranty in the event that an issue does appear.

Order the King Vision Video Laryngoscope today and provide your patients with the highest level of safety and care. Penn Care is the nation's leading provider of all EMS and healthcare supplies.

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