Triage Tag, All Risk Dual Wristband

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This is our Synthetic Paper All Risk Triage Tags are printed on Bloodproof, Waterproof Durawrite™ Synthetic paper.

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50/pack Pediatric

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50/pack Adult

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The EMT3 Optimized All Risk®; Wristband Triage Tag is specifically engineered as an integral part of the new EMT3 (Enhanced Method of Triage, Treatment and Transportation) System. It features updates such as a larger, more detailed Transportation Receipt, an added Ambulance receipt, and a repositioned Contamination strip now located at the bottom of the tag. This forces determination as to whether patient is contaminated or not before triage. We’ve added a Red/Yellow/Green RE-TRIAGED check circle receipt above Morgue making it possible to downward triage without deploying a second triage tag. We have also added a shortened tag number for easier radio transmission.
Other new features include:
• Blast Injury indicator
• Tourniquet Applied
• Airway Management (OPA/NPA)  
• Glasgow Coma Scale Indicator
• Known Allergies area  

NOTE: Florida Version uses the term “EXPECTANT” rather than “MORGUE”
NOTE: Military Version uses the terms “EXPECTANT” rather than “MORGUE” and “MINIMAL” rather than “MINOR”

IMPORTANT: For all tags that utilize adhesive strips on wristbands, adhesive manufacturer recommends replacing tags every 2 years to ensure adequate adhesion.

All Risk® Dual Wristband Pediatric Triage Tag
This is our Synthetic Paper All Risk(R) Pediatric Triage Tag with the added benefit of 2 bar-coded wristbands; one for the patient, and one for the parent or guardian. This NEW All Risk® Dual Wristband Pediatric Triage Tag from DMS features a JumpSTART Pediatric MCI Triage prompter on the back.
• Waterproof, Bloodproof
• Military Standard Bar Coding for Tracking & Personal Property Identification
• Evidence Identification
• Presence of Contamination
• Primary/Secondary Decon
• Bar-coded Wristband with Status Checkbox Redundancy
• JumpSTART Pediatric Triage Prompter

Printed on Bloodproof, Waterproof Durawrite™ Synthetic paper.