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Known as the Tongue Tamer, the GRANDVIEW blade makes it easier for you to see the endotracheal tube pass through the cords. It is an innovative EMS tool that you can always rely on under the most adverse conditions. Not affected by blood, mucous, rain or humidity.

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Laryngoscope Disposable Handle, Hartwell Medical BriteGrip, - Medium, Box of 10

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The GRANDVIEW® combines a brilliant light source with a wider field of view to improve direct visualization of the cords and help you increase your intubation success rate. Give the GRANDVIEW Blade a try and judge for yourself. We think you will agree that this innovative product is truly a better intubation device. No unnecessary bells and whistles. The GRANDVIEW Blade is a durable, reliable straightforward product that improves first-attempt intubation rates at a cost-effective price point.
• 80% wider blade surface keeps the tongue out of the way and reduces the need to reposition the blade
• Designed by an ER physician to fit a majority of adult patients
• Disposable, single-patient use version available in Adult size
• Brilliant bright white lamp
• Fits all standard handles. Conforms to ASTM (F965) and ISO (7376-1)
• Surgical grade stainless steel provides optimal strength compared to plastic blades

Product Details

Improve your intubation success rate with the innovative GRANDVIEW Laryngoscope Blade, created by an ER physician to improve direct visualization of the larynx. Also known as the Tongue Tamer, the GRANDVIEW Blade makes it easier for you to see the endotracheal tube pass through the vocal cords. It is an innovative EMS tool that can be relied on even under the most adverse conditions. The GRANDVIEW Blade won’t be affected by blood, mucous, rain, or humidity.

Features and Benefits of GRANDVIEW’s Curved Blade

The wider, specially formed GRANDVIEW Blade keeps the tongue out of the way and reduces the need to reposition the blade, thus reducing the potential for oral tissue damage. The unique blade design provides a more anatomically appropriate curve (as opposed to a straight blade) for the oral cavity which improves direct visualization to aid in potentially reducing the amount of intubation attempts. This, in turn, reduces overall patient discomfort and can help to speed up recovery time.

The entire blade is constructed of 300 grade stainless steel from tip to heel. The durable stainless steel construction ensures that you will never risk having a blade break off at the handle, or have to worry about the blade bending or distorting during use.

Each GRANDVIEW Laryngoscope Blade comes equipped with an ultra bright lamp that provides maximum illumination of a patient’s airway. Prior to starting any intubation procedure, make sure that the lamp is screwed in snugly. Replacement lamps are also available.

Each blade is disposable so cross contamination will never be a concern. Disposability also not only eliminates the extra cost and time of sterilization of laryngoscope blades, but also the inconvenience of storing used blades until they can be sterilized. These blades are universal and designed to fit all modern standard laryngoscope handles, with no special connectors or adaptors required.

Blades should be properly disposed of after a single use and should never be cleaned for reuse. Make sure to store your GRANDVIEW Blades in their packaging in a dry location at room temperature. This product can cause serious injury if misused, and should only be used by medical professionals.

See for yourself why so many EMS providers all across the country have chosen the GRANDVIEW disposable laryngoscope blade as a “must have” airway management tool. The GRANDVIEW Blade is the economical solution that has been shown to improve first attempt success rates while reducing the risk of injury to the patient.

• Wider blade keeps the patient’s tongue out of the way
• Reduces intubation attempts and tissue damage
• Single patient use prevents cross contamination
• Super bright lamp
• Made from 300 grade surgical grade stainless steel
• Eliminates cleaning and disinfecting costs
• Fits all standard laryngoscope handles with no special connections required
• Ideal for use with BriteGrip Disposable Laryngoscope Handle

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