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ApexPro™ LC100 Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves

Apex Pro™ LC100, LC50 and SC100 are Digitcare’s breakthrough products that have revolutionized the EMS glove industry. APEXPro™ LC100, LC50 and SC100 feature our 2-Ply technology for optimized strength and puncture resistance. Offering the only triple washed glove with true pH interior coating for improved hand health.

*Due to increased demand amid the COVID-19 Crisis you may experience longer than normal lead times. Call for availability: (800) 392-7233

Due to increased demand amid the COVID-19 Crisis, please call for availability related to this product. 1-800-392-7233


ApexPro™ LC100 Exam Gloves Features:
• 2-Ply Technology™ for maximum strength
• Human skin pH balanced coating for reduced risk of irritation and reduced perspiration
• Contrasting black interior color gives a visual cue of a used glove for reduced risk of cross-contamination
• High contrast perma-white exterior for improved visibility with infectious fluids
• Specially formulated with advanced non-latex nirtrile polymer
• EaseOff™ non-stick exterior surface prevents tapes and even Veni-Gard™ from sticking to the glove
• NFPA 1999, 2018 certified
• AQL of 0.65 exceeds industry standard
• ExactFit™ glove formers for reduced hand fatigue and improved dexterity
• Fentanyl Permeation Testing: ApexPro™ LC100 has zero breakthrough with Fentanyl Citrate 100mcg/2ml for 240 minutes (test limit) per ASTM D6978. This assures Law Enforcement, Corrections and EMS maximum protection in the event of inadvertent contact with synthetic opiates.
• Length: 12 in.
• Cuff: 4.5 mil
• Palm: 6 mil
• Finger: 8.25 mil
• Puncture Resistance: 1.9 lbs
• Color: White/Black

Product Details

Get excellent and effective protection that will keep your protected no matter the job. Working in the medical field exposes you to a number of dangers - even those that you may not see.

To mitigate your risk of exposure to these potential dangers, you need to make sure you have the right equipment to confidently handle all the tasks you have to take care of. The Digitcare Apex Pro nitirle gloves are right for the task.

Digitcare Apex Pro LC100 Product Features:

• 2-Ply Construction For Incredible Durability

• High Visibility Indicators For Easy Application

• Tested & Certified


Digitcare strives to provide exceptional quality supplies for the healthcare industry. The Apex Pro gloves are no exception. The nitrile gloves utilize advanced technology for enhanced durability and resistance.

Each pair of Apex Pro gloves are made with a 2-ply construction, which helps mitigate problems with sharp objects puncturing through the gloves to the skin.

Not only that, but the Apex Pro gloves are made using enhanced safety methods for improved hand health. A triple washed glove with a pH interior coating help to supply that enhanced safety.

Easy Application

The Digitcare Apex Pro are made to be easily applied at a moments notice. There is a sharp black interior that contrasts the outer white-colored portion of the glove, which provides visibility to notify when a glove has already born worn.

Not only does the outer layer provide good contrast with the black interior, but it also allows you to easily see any and all infectious fluids that may find their way on the gloves.

To prevent miscellaneous items from adhering to the glove and causing other contamination, the Apex Pro gloves come with an EaseOff non-stick exterior surface.

All of these features ensure that the Apex Pro gloves are easy to apply and remove, as well as prevent any form of cross-contamination that can occur in a fast-paced facility.

Reduced Fatique

The Apex Pro nitrile are certified to meet several standards and guidelines, including NFPA 1999, 2018. Not only that, but they have an AQL of 0.65 which exceeds the industry standard.

Apex Pro LC100 nitrile gloves have been tested specifically for Fentanyl Permeation, with 0 breakthrough with Fentanyl Citrate 100mcg/2ml for up to 240 minutes per ASTM D6978 guidelines. This makes the gloves excellent for protection with law enforcement, corrections and EMS facilities in event of accidential contact with synthetic opiates.

Order Digitcare Apex Pro LC100 Gloves today through Penn Care. Penn Care is an industry leader and has had decades of experience working with EMS and healthcare facilities to provide supplies.

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