CO2 Detector, STAT-Check,

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STAT Check CO2 Indicator

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By: SunMed  |  MPN: SC200
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The STATCheck CO2 Indicator is used as an adjunct assessment tool for verification of successful ventilation/intubation. Effectively verifies CO2 exchange with easy-to-read colorimetric CO2 indicator – purple to yellow when exposed to CO2. Ventilation, intubation, and circulation are confirmed by carefully watching for color change of the indicator cartridge. Lack of color change may indicate improper intubation. Additionally it may be left attached to continuously monitor any risk of tube migration during resuscitation. Also can be used as a separate component that can be added to any Ventlab resuscitation/ventilation bag or a pre-attached and ready for instant use (thus improving compliance). Quick and simple to deploy by simply turning the cap clockwise to tighten, and then remove it. Side stream design eliminates chance of vomitus contamination. For use on patients greater than 4.85 lbs. (2.2 kg).

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